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Top advanced scheduler capabilities

Get the most out of your solution and take the stress out of scheduling your workforce with TCP’s Advanced Scheduler, designed to handle the most complex scheduling needs.


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Top Advanced Scheduler Capabilities

Configurable Automated Processes

Create Business Rules

Set up Master Shifts and Schedules and publish it to your employees.

Empower Your Workforce

Enable your employees to offer and accepts shifts without manual work.

Integrated Leave Management

Hands-Off Request Integration

Watch time-off requests seamlessly integrate with the schedules.

Real-Time Processes

Experience a solution without delays so you can have real-time management.

Dynamic Configuration

Optimized Shift Board

Define a date or date range for your organization where no leave is available to the organization.

Flexible Dashboard Widgets

Customize dashboard widgets for a quick rundown.

Customizable Reporting

Automated Report Options

Have a report sent right to your inbox when you get in the office.

Detailed Reports

Run any of our preconfigured reports and adjust the settings to fit your needs.

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Award-Winning Back-to-Work Solution

NEW Thermal Sensor pairs with badge readers to provide a fully integrated solution to bring your team back to work safely.

Easily Integrate with Payroll Software

With hundreds of pre-configured and adaptable modules, integrating with major payroll software is a breeze.

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Just 6 easy questions to help you customize the perfect Workforce Management system for your organization.

Scheduling Features That Set TCP Apart

With TCP’s scheduling system, powered by TimeClock Plus software, you can build and manage schedules, create recurring schedules, set up exceptions, and download reports to optimize your workforce. We offer technology that helps improve your overall operations and ensures you have the right people in the right place at the right time. Included with this technology are a few unique features:

Streamline Processes & Reduce Costs

Deploy schedules based on your specific needs, ad hoc, recurring and anything in between.

Employee Accessibility

Our technology allows employees to access schedules from any device.

Regulatory Compliance

Create rules to ensure laws are followed and overtime is appropriately applied. These features are just the start of what sets TCP scheduling apart from the competition, and now, our acquisition of Humanity Scheduling takes our employee scheduling capabilities to the next level.

Frequently asked questions

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Is TCP's absence and leave management software compliant with FMLA and other state leave laws?
Yes, TCP takes great care to ensure that the TimeClock Plus software is compliant with leave and labor regulations. Remaining compliant to leave and labor laws is incredibly important in managing a workforce, and TCP works hard to deliver a solution that helps you remain compliant and confident.
Can I manage and approve leave requests from my mobile phone?
TCP's products are all web-based, meaning they can be accessed remotely. With the TimeClock Plus software, managers are also able to approve or deny requests directly from email notifications whether they are on a phone or computer.
Are Employees Able To Send Leave Requests From Their Mobile Phones?
Absolutely, using TCP MobileClock, the mobile add-on for TimeClock Plus, employees can submit time-off requests with a few touches. They can also see live updates that let them know if requests are still pending, approved or denied.
Can TCP's Absence And Leave Management Software Prevent Employees From Taking Time-Off At The Same Time?Toggle
Yes, with TCP's advanced leave features such as Leave Bidding and Leave Calendars, you can establish leave limitations for your employees (or specific groups of employees) that ensure your workforce isn't left shorthanded.
Can I Restrict The Dates That Employees Are Able To Request Off?
Yes, TCP's advanced leave capabilities allow you to create "black-out" dates where employees cannot input leave requests.
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