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TCP Analytics helps you reduce costs, manage compliance and stimulate growth

Regardless of size and industry, organizations need effective and insightful business reporting to operate successfully and make informed, timely decisions. From business leaders to Payroll and HR departments, reporting and analytics are the cornerstone of a well-run organization. With data that’s easier to access, display and consume, you’ll make better decisions faster that solve problems and keep you moving toward your goals.

Quickly See Trends

Track overtime trends and take action to reduce labor costs and/or level load the schedule.

Get the Right Data to the Right People at the Right Time

Unlock and connect the information you need to run your organization with the tools you already use, saving valuable time and money.

Track KPIs and Make Insights Actionable

Automate report building and eliminate manual KPI tracking projects to free up valuable resources, reduce errors and eliminate latency.

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TCP Analytics helps you get the most out of your data

  • Save valuable time and money with fully customizable and automated reporting
  • Charts, graphs and tables are easy to read, making it easy to spot trends and inform corrective action
  • Leverage your data the way you want with friendly import export capability

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What can the new TCP Analytics do for you?

Reduce costs for your organization

Eliminating unnecessary costs and inefficient processes in your organization begins with workforce data and the insights it provides into how your organization operates. With TCP Analytics at your side, you can identify opportunities for productivity within your organization and drive better overall efficiency.

Streamline workflows for departments

Manual processes are prevalent in every department, from payroll to HR to hourly employees. Wherever there are manual processes, there are wasted resources including time and manpower. Using TCP Analytics, you have the tools to streamline many of these processes.

Automate your reporting

Having access to your workforce data is only half the battle, with manually building and running reports being the other half. Our automated reporting features allow you to build a report once and have it set to automatically deliver to your inbox, simplifying your reporting process and ensuring you never miss a report.

Eliminate outdated metrics

No matter your industry, outdated baselines, analytics and metrics can be what is holding your organization back. Without the most updated, powerful reporting and analytics tools at your disposal, your organization could be missing opportunities for growth. With our TCP Analytics tool, your organization can be certain that you are working with the most up-to-date data that drives your organization forward.

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