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Fingerprint Scanner Time Clocks

Seamless Integration with Your TCP Touchscreen Time Clock

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Fingerprint Scanner Time Clock

TCP’s elegant biometric time clock solution allows you to attach a fingerprint scanner seamlessly to a touchscreen clock.

Tcp biometric time clock

Expanded Functionality

Fully-Featured Options

Employees can do anything from simply clocking in to inputting time off requests all from a single device

Individualized Configuration

Make things consistent company-wide, or adjust settings per employee or location.

Tcp biometric time clock keypad

Customize Your Own

Analog or Digital Interface

Choose between a touchscreen or keypad experience.

Add Attachments

Create a solution that suits you and add any of our other clock attachments for greater functionality.

Tcp time clock internal

Go Offline

Work Without Power

Choose the battery backup option to work even during times of no power.

No Internet, No Problem

With Fallback Mode, your employees can clock in/out without an internet connection.

Tcp biometric time clock operation successful

Ensure Compliance

Secure and Proper Data Storage

Be confident in our efforts to meet and exceed compliance standards for security and biometric storage.

Eliminate Buddy-Punching

Use biometrics to guarantee the right employees are working when they should.