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Complimentary Gartner Report: Best Practices for Workforce Management Deployment

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Gartner Complementary Report
TCP Software is pleased to offer this FREE report from Gartner, a company that delivers actionable, objective insight to its executive and their teams. Best Practices for Workforce Management Deployments offers tips to help organizations find and deploy a workforce management (WFM) solution successfully, avoiding the pitfalls many before them have experienced.

Why download this report?
1. You are preparing to select and deploy workforce management software in your organization and are seeking tips that will facilitate the process.
2. You are seeking unbiased, market-oriented perspectives that will help you conduct a successful workforce management transformation.
3. You are reviewing your technology stack and trying to determine how workforce management fits into your broader technology plans, including initiatives related to COVID-19, the digital workplace and employee experience.

Here is what we believe you’ll learn from this report:
This report shares valuable insights related to the key challenges organizations face when selecting and deploying workforce management software, including:
• How to ensure your organization understands how to set itself up for success by identifying a clear business owner who drives the vision with clear goals, objectives and requirements.
• How to avoid limiting the short and long-term benefits of the implementation by neglecting to focus time on proactive change management efforts before and during implementation.
• How to navigate the vast market of WFM vendors that make it more difficult to identify the best solution for the organization.
• Understanding what key features of a WFM suite are core and what features are likely to be add-on.

This Gartner research report details 13 best practices to follow when deploying transformative workforce management technology. It shares that, “By 2025, 45% of large enterprises with hourly paid workers and variable demand for labor will use automation to drive workforce scheduling decisions.” Do your applications support these capabilities? Are they in the scope of your search today?

Gartner, “Best Practices for Workforce Management Deployments,” Sam Grinter, Ranadip Chandra, September 16, 2020.
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