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Mobility Is Essential
to WFM Solutions

mobile workforce management software for any organization

Part 3 in our “Back to Business” series.
Not long ago, mobile workforce management solutions were only for drivers and other types of mobile workers, but technology has changed and lately, so has the workforce. Today, employees expect a mobile solution for just about everything. We communicate, shop, track fitness and activity, navigate, pay bills and even buy a cup of coffee, all from our phones.

Work should be no different. Most of us check emails, message coworkers and take meetings from our mobile phones. So why not view schedules? Request time off? View notifications and messaging? Approve hours or submit time off requests? All these things are possible with mobile workforce management.

The global pandemic brought on by COVID-19 threw another wrench at us. Organizations that never had mobile workers before were suddenly forced to adapt. Those who were accustomed to tracking time and attendance via a physical time clock had to find a solution to accommodate shelter in place mandates by public officials. Mobile solutions became a necessity, rather than an option.

Technology has been as essential to empowering a mobile workforce as bulk hand sanitizer has been to maintaining an in-person workforce. If you haven’t invested in building modern flexibility into the way your employees engage with work, what are you waiting for?

A few quick benefits of TCP’s Mobile Solutions:

  • No lines to clock in or out. With our new MobileClock app, everyone has their own time clock and it fits in their pocket.

  • Avoid shared surfaces. By using their mobile device, users can avoid contact with shared surfaces, which can be a source of germs.

  • Location-based permissions. Our solutions use geofencing and geolocation so you can manage access and permissions based on the user’s location.

  • Secure, no funny business. Going mobile doesn’t mean sacrificing security. Our solutions are fully encrypted and SOC-2 compliant.

  • Discover the freedom mobile solutions bring to your workforce management solutions. As we prepare for a new normal in the workplace, now’s the time to imagine what added mobility could do for your organization.

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