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How To Have a Report on Your Desk Monday Morning

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TCP Tech Tip
What if you could have a report waiting for you on Monday morning when you arrive at work? With a few clicks, you can customize a report that automatically delivers to your inbox whenever you need it.

TCP designed automated reports to be as painless and efficient as possible. Any one of our reports, whether you want a breakdown of employee hours or a list of next week’s birthdays, can be set up to run and be emailed directly to you or anybody else. Using the Create Saved Report tool, you can customize your report with the filters, sort options or even shading you desire.

Tech Tip - Filter Job Code

Once the report itself is configured, you simply set up an automation to determine when and where the report should be delivered. Choosing options like weekly on Mondays at 7:00am allow you to ensure that the report is waiting for you right when you show up for work next week. Or use this option for payroll to ensure your employees all approve their time at the end of each week.

Tech Tip - Filter Job Code

However you choose to use this tool, automated reports are a great way for you to be efficient and proactive in your management.
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