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Streamline Your Payroll Processes by Identifying Exceptions

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TCP Tech Tip
Running payroll is perhaps the most important core process that any organization has to handle. Ensuring that the payroll process goes smoothly means tediously going through employee data to remove any issues or anomalies. Some organizations mitigate this by requiring employees and managers to approve the time worked, but what if those approvals aren’t easily tracked or managed?

In TCP’s TimeClock Plus software, these anomalies are called exceptions and you can select and configure over 30 different types that might prevent you from running payroll or managing time properly. These exceptions range anywhere from a simple but effective manager and employee approval to more complex data like long weeks, approaching overtime or working outside the employee’s schedule. All of these exceptions come with an option labelled “Requires approval before exporting” that ensure an authorized person signs off on the flagged exception.

Tracking all these exceptions is good and all, but the question still remains: how do you easily and effectively prevent potential payroll hazards? Well, TCP thought of that too and built in an exception filter that has an option specifically for payroll purposes. A payroll manager can select the option labelled “Required for payroll exports and reports,” filtering all the employee hours to only show data that might cause payroll to stall. When there are no segments showing with that filter, you can rest easy knowing that there are no exceptions that require your attention.
With this option, the payroll process can become a few easy clicks and zero headaches. You can be sure that all employee time is approved and payroll will run smoother than ever before.
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