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The Foundation of Managing Your Workforce

When organizations are interested in leveling up their workforce management capabilities, the conversation almost always starts with time and attendance. However, the way an organization tracks employee time is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to comprehensive workforce management solutions.

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At TCP, we often ask prospective customers to reflect on one, key question: Are you tracking time or are your managing your workforce? The former simply gets you from clock in/out to payroll, the latter consists of integrated solutions to help you maintain a productive workforce. These integrated solutions are key to true workforce management and time and attendance remains at the core of it all.

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Key Time & Attendance Benefits

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Technology-Based Solutions Reduce Errors & Save Money

Time and attendance tracking informs every aspect for workforce management, and if you’re still using manual punch cards and paper processes, your payroll processes are error-prone and much harder than they need to be. Today’s employees are accustomed to using technology in nearly every part of their lives, and work is no exception. Automated workforce management systems aren’t just exponentially easier, they save you money.

Discover 5 Ways Time Tracking Boosts Your Bottom LineDiscover 5 Ways Time Tracking Boosts Your Bottom Line
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What’s the Actual Cost of Manual Payroll Processes?

Industry experts estimate it takes 2.5 minutes per employee to manually compute payroll. For an organization of 500 employees, that comes out to approximately 21 hours per pay period and 546 hours per year. Conservatively, that time costs your organization about $11,000. Our customers are stunned at the amount of time TCP’s TimeClock Plus payroll automation software saves their organizations, often reducing time spent from days to hours.

How One Customer Cut Payroll Time from 4 Days to 2 HoursHow One Customer Cut Payroll Time from 4 Days to 2 Hours
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Data-Driven Analysis Strengthens Workforce Decision Making

Without integrated time and attendance solutions, errors and issues may not arise until the end of a pay period. Integrated solutions offer real-time access to data and reporting, which helps you stay on top of job costing, unexpected overtime and the hard cost of absenteeism.

Everything You Need to Know About Workforce ManagementEverything You Need to Know About Workforce Management

What Sets TCP Apart from the Competition?

No one offers more time collection options than us. Our highly configurable base time clock is just the start. Customize our time clocks with attachments for different ways to collect time, such as badge readers, biometric time clocks and even a thermal sensor for monitoring employee health.
Flexible job tracking options allow you to track up to six different layers of labor. Employees can have as many job and cost codes as necessary on their profile, and they can switch between those codes at any point. This ability to accurately track jobs and roles enhances the precision of labor tracking.
Numerous options for labor and overtime calculations provide flexibility based on your organization’s needs. The unmatched configurability of our advanced overtime settings work for just about any scenario, saving you from having to enter and calculate these manually.

Why Time & Attendance Is at the Core of Workforce Management

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At TCP, we got our start in time and attendance and it’s at the core of our workforce management offering, but it doesn’t end here.

Learn more about our comprehensive time tracking and PTO tracking capabilities that set us apart from the competition by downloading chapter 1 of our eBook, “Time & Attendance: The Core of Workforce Management.”

Integrations Make Our System Easy-to-Use & Seamless

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Our time and attendance capabilities work seamlessly with other elements critical to a comprehensive workforce management suite, enabling you to effectively track employee time, manage work schedules, track labor cost and manage PTO and employee leave. On top of this, our systems fully integrate with other key HR technology like payroll, ERP and HCM systems to streamline processes so you and your team can work better.
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Easily Integrate with Major Payroll & ERP/HCM Systems


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