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Hand Scanner Time Clock

Eliminate Buddy-Punching with Biometrics to Ensure Compliance

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Hand Scanner Time Clock

TCP’s durable Hand Scanner time clock is perfect for rougher environments
where normal biometrics won’t last.

Tcp handscanner time clock

Ensure Compliance

Secure and Proper Data Storage

Be confident in our efforts to meet and exceed compliance standards for security and biometric storage.

Eliminate Buddy-Punching

Use biometrics to guarantee the right employees are working when they should.

Tcp handscanner time clock scan full

Heavy-Duty Biometrics

Unique Scanning Technology

Our hand scanner reduces the interference of dirt and grime by scanning the topography of the hand.

Expanded Capability

Employees have a wide range of operations all from the single terminal.

Tcp handscanner time clock scan

Quick Scans

Efficient Scanning Process

The hand scanning process is quick, ensuring that clock operations only last a few seconds.

Fast Communication

Streamline your process with a clock that communicates in real-time, making operations convenient and efficient.

Tcp handscanner time clock closeup

Operate Safely

Antimicrobial Protection

The materials used on the clock work against a wide range of bacteria and germs to prevent contamination.

Secure Operations

Operations are safe and secure with encrypted communication.


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