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Best-in-class ERP/HCM payroll integrations

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Whether you’re seeking payroll automation or a better way to manage front-end time collection for your ERP or HCM system, TCP Software offers configurable integrations that save time and money.

TCP builds customized integration modules based on your organization’s specific needs and requirements. Still using manual processes to run payroll? Happy with your ERP/HCM solution, but lacking the ability to accurately track employee time? Looking for more robust time and attendance software to enhance your existing solutions? We work with all the major payroll and ERP/HCM providers, including PeopleSoft ERP, Oracle HCM, SAP, ADP and Workday, to offer hardware and software options that provide key integration points to help you leverage both systems together.

How does the process work?

Based on your organization’s unique needs, TCP Software will develop a custom platform adapter or a simple, flat-file export to integrate with your payroll solution. The process starts with members of TCP’s professional services team representing project management, systems analysts, product analysts, developers and implementation specialists, who will meet with you to gather information on your requirements and understand how you plan to use our hardware and/or software within your organization. From there, our development team configures a solution to meet those needs.

TCP has been developing these integrations for decades, and we have over 500 payroll mods already built. We’ve also developed direct integrations to all the major ERP's that enable you to add seamless, best-in-class time collection software and hardware to an existing system. This semi-custom process offers significant costs savings to you.

Why integrate using TCP's solutions?

TCP Software offers robust time and attendance solutions that many of the major providers just can’t match. No matter the size of your business or the industry you're in, if you’re still using manual processes to run payroll, you’re working too hard and you're losing money. TCP’s payroll integrations allow you to run payroll in just a few clicks, often taking payroll time from days to hours. Plus, if you're looking to add a time tracking device to your existing ERP/HCM system, TCP’s wide selection of industry-leading time clock devices ensures you can build a clock that meets your organization’s unique needs. Finally, TCP’s time and attendance software is second to none. Time and attendance is at the core of workforce management, so if your existing software isn’t meeting your needs, it’s likely also draining your budget and causing your employees to exit.

How can you protect your organization from claims of non-compliance?

Stay on the right side of applicable federal, state and local labor laws and regulations by ensuring the information between your time and attendance software and payroll is aligned, accurate and up to date. Being able to trace back through hours worked vs hours paid will help protect your organization against any complaints claiming an employee hasn’t been appropriately compensated for time worked, overtime worked or leave accrued.

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