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Workforce Management for the
Healthcare Industry

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Increase Scheduling Effectiveness

Save time building schedules

Input your staffing requirements and have the schedule building tool automatically create and deploy a viable schedule.

Schedule the right people

Ensure you have the right number of qualified employees for every shift with a solution that checks and double-checks your schedules for you.

Use data to drive schedule development

Make your organization’s historical data work for you and deliver insights into how your schedule should look.

Keep your staff updated

Deliver a solution that provides a live schedule to employees whether they’re in-house or working remotely.

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Make Your Solution Accessible

Deploy a mobile, modern solution

Make it easy for your staff with a top-shelf mobile app that delivers your solution directly to their phone.

Customize a device for your workplace

Ensure a secure experience for your employees, by mixing and matching time clock capabilities.

Meet your staff where they are

Whether your employees work in-house, remotely or travel from location to location, they can access the solution in a way that is right for them.

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Track Labor for More Efficient Management

Understand when and how your staff works

Use actionable reports and proactive notifications to stay one step ahead of unnecessary overtime, long shifts, missed breaks and more.

Have more precise and accurate data

Take advantage of flexible labor tracking that provides accurate insights into staff that works in multiple locations, departments or even multiple jobs.

Automate daily processes

Streamline the day-to-day with automated calculations, efficient time collection and reports that are delivered automatically to your inbox.

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Save Time Running Payroll

Go from days to hours with seamless integrations

Integrate with your existing payroll system to save valuable time typically spent processing payroll.

Automate labor and overtime calculations

Ensure accurate, error-free calculations for overtime, shift differentials, differing pay scales and more.

Simplify pay cycle procedures

Enhance communication from top-to-bottom with an electronic payroll approval process and automated reports.

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Ensure Compliance with Regulations

Feel confident about your accessibility

Gain peace-of-mind knowing your solutions meet vital accessibility requirements such as WCAG for employees with disabilities.

Follow state and local regulations

Use any of TCP Software’s many labor tools to ensure that you always stay compliant with all labor laws.

Maintain data security and integrity

Relax knowing your solution is secure and your data is handled in line with SOC-2 standards.

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