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Workforce Management for the
Healthcare Industry

green arrow Healthcare control your costs

Optimize Your Schedules

Schedule the right people

Ensure you have the proper positions and roles filled with a flexible scheduling solution.

Real-time staffing data

View real-time hours and schedules to guarantee you have enough employees at any given time.

green arrow Healthcare increase clinic efficiency

Increase Workplace Efficiency

Automate processes

Save time and resources by automating processes that would normally be done manually.

Keep employees updated

Use the employee portal or mobile solution to ensure employees have access to schedules and documents when and where they need it.

Use actionable reporting

Implement better practices with reporting and analytics that allow you to have digestible data at your fingertips.

green arrow Healthcare enhance patient outcomes

Automate Labor Calculations

Remove manual processes

Use configurable labor calculation tools to guarantee accurate and efficient time.

Monitor overtime

Streamline your daily processes with automated overtime calculations and reporting.

Set up shift differential

Determine the appropriate shift differential rules and TCP’s solution does all the calculations for you automatically.

green arrow Healthcare protect your business

Comply with Industry Regulations

Ensure accessibility compliance

Know your solution meets WCAG accessibility requirements for employees with disabilities.

Follow state and local regulations

Use any of TCP’s many labor tools to ensure that you are compliant with all labor laws.

Maintain data security

Relax knowing your solution is secure and your data is properly handled in line with SOC-2 standards.

green arrow Healthcare optimize time collection

Optimize Time Collection

Customize your solution

Add any of our time clock attachments to build a device suited to your organization or use the MobileClock app.

Integrate payroll and ERPs

Integrate TCP software with a payroll or ERP system to streamline all of your processes.

Mitigate health risks

Incorporate a thermal sensor attachment with your time clock to stop potential health risks at the door.

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