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Deliver more flexibility and drive efficiency within your institution

Managing the diversified workforce of higher ed has many challenges, including varied employee types, complicated schedules and departments deployed many different ways. These challenges make building schedules, collecting time, tracking labor and more a struggle for managers and department heads.

TCP Software for Higher Ed meets each of these pain points with flexibility and automation, allowing your department to solve the specific nuances of your needs and save valuable resources, including time and money.

With scheduling tools designed for your departments, features dedicated to enabling better student worker management and flexible deployment options, your institution will be equipped to more effectively manage your workforce.

Essential benefits wf sceduling higher ed

Essential Benefits of Workforce Scheduling Software Created for Higher Ed

Top Capabilities for Higher Ed Institutions

Deploy Flexibly Across Departments

Create Unique Schedules

TCP has dynamic scheduling tools that can handle the varied needs of a university, such as police, student workers, transit and more.

Flexible Labor Tracking

Get deeper, easier insights into your workforce’s labor with configurable codes that can track exactly what you need.

Meet the Nuances of Your Department

TCP understands that higher education organizations balance the needs of multiple industries in one, which is why our flexible tool is designed to handle each of those individually.

Automate Processes

Streamline the Day-to-Day

Automate the processes you would typically do manually including time collection, leave management and more.

Save Time on Payroll

Eliminate unnecessary payroll hassle and let TCP Software automatically handle the complex payroll calculations that take hours or even days.

Integrate with Other Tools

Connect TCP to the payroll and ERP systems your institution relies on to extend your investment even further.

Optimize Employee Operations

Enable a Mobile Workforce

Utilize mobile apps for facilities employees, student workers, the transit department or anyone else that needs a solution on-the-go.

Monitor Who is Here

Regulate facility access with time clocks that can recognize your existing staff or student ID badges.

Customize the Experience

Configure time clocks to ensure the easiest and most efficient workflows for your employees.

Gain Visibility into Costs and Schedules

Report on Real-Time Hours

TCP’s reports and analytical tools help your institution monitor costs in every department and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Mitigate Long Shifts and Weeks

Ensure that student workers on scholarship don’t work more hours than allowed and receive notifications as they near their limits.

Track Variances to Enhance Efficiency

Monitor hours alongside schedules and run reports on variance to ensure that the time scheduled aligns with the time worked.

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Tech Funding Sources for Higher Education

Thanks to recent federal legislation, you can rely on additional funding sources to obtain the technology and tools that will position your institution for success.

Workforce Management Software Buyer’s Guide for Higher Ed

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Top Capabilities for Higher Ed Institutions

Optimize Scheduling for Student Workers

Student workers make up a significant portion of the workforce for many departments in an institution, and with a student workforce comes many challenges unique to their needs. From schedule limitations due to scholarships to odd availability due to classes and other engagements, TCP Software can empower your department to create schedules more efficiently and can deliver the solution straight to your employees’ pockets in a mobile app.

Enhance Time and Labor Tracking

Tracking time and labor for higher ed institutions can be complex, especially with the various employee types. From faculty to hourly and salaried staff to student workers, the needs even within a single department can be nuanced and difficult to juggle. With TCP Software’s time and labor management tools, your institution can optimize how time and labor is tracked in your institution. TCP Software’s flexible configurations make it easy to deploy and manage time tracking to all your employees, no matter where they are working.

Empower Employee Engagement

Streamlining and empowering the employee experience is critical, and taking advantage of the technology already being used in the day-to-day is a great way for higher ed institutions to do so. With TCP Software’s deployment options, institutions can use faculty, staff and student ID badges to regulate access to facilities or even perform clock operations. Additionally, using mobile apps allows institutions to use the mobile devices most students and workers use and are comfortable with on a daily basis, mitigating the need for extra training or implementation costs.

Integrate Your Solutions

With all the solutions your institution has to use on a regular basis, the manual effort required to maintain communication between each and every one can be a challenge. Using TCP Software’s integrations, whether it’s with your payroll, ERP or HCM solution, your institution can streamline many workflows, solidifying the integrity of your data and saving you time and money. Integrating your workforce management with your other pivotal solutions ensures your institution has a consistently accurate and seamless flow of data.

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