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Workforce Management Software for the Complex Needs of Universities

green arrow Higher education a system designed for schools like yours

Deploy Flexibly Across Departments

Create unique schedules

TCP has a dynamic scheduling tool that can handle the varied needs of a university, such as police, student workers, transit and more.

Configurable management access

Prevent unnecessary confusion by giving managers access only to what they need.

Meet the complex needs of your organization

TCP understands that higher education organizations balance the needs of multiple industries in one, which is why our flexible tool is designed to handle each of those individually.

green arrow Higher education increase efficiency across your operations

Automate Processes

Put an end to manual processes

Streamline the day-to-day by automating processes you usually do manually.

Save time on calculations

TCP handles all the overtime and labor calculations, saving you time and resources.

Integrate with other tools

Connect TCP to the payroll and ERP systems your institution relies on to extend your investment even further.

green arrow Higher education pay student workers fairly

Gain Visibility into Costs and Schedules

Report on real-time hours and costs

TCP’s reports and analytical tools help your institution monitor costs in every department and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Limit workloads and reduce overtime

Ensure that student workers on scholarship don’t work more hours than allowed and receive notifications as they near their limits.

Track variances to enhance efficiency

Monitor hours alongside schedules and run reports on variance to ensure that the time scheduled aligns with the time worked.

green arrow Higher education make your school more secure

Regulate Protocols and Ensure Compliance

Configure access

Set up faculty and staff access to customize their experience based on their role.

Secure your data

All operations and data storage are SOC-2 compliant, ensuring that your data is properly handled.

Guarantee accessibility

TCP ensures WCAG compliance so that your solution remains accessible for all employees.

green arrow Higher education optimize employee operations

Optimize Employee Operations

Enable mobile workers

Utilize a mobile solution for transit and student workers to facilitate a streamlined experience.

Mitigate health risks

For high-traffic areas, use a thermal sensor to stop health risks at the door.

Customize the experience

Configure time clocks to ensure the easiest and most efficient process for your employees.

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Implementing PBJ for 900 employees required robust workforce management solutions for Century Care Management, a family-owned nursing residency.

Advanced Scheduler

Advanced Scheduler allows employees and managers collaboratively build schedules that cover all shifts with qualified resources while minimizing overtime.

Case Study: Watertown Ambulance Service

Read our success story to understand how one ambulance service used Humanity employee scheduling to provide round-the-clock service to the community.

Case Study: Automated Scheduling for Autism Plus

With a Workday-approved integration, TCP's Humanity Scheduling solution provided a win-win for the organization that improved work-life balance for teams.


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