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Enhance the efficiency of your organization’s time tracking & scheduling

Managing the diverse workforce of the hospitality industry comes with many challenges and nuanced needs. Whether it is tracking labor for hourly staff, reporting on assorted key metrics such as rooms cleaned, or scheduling your staff consistently without over or under-staffing a shift, finding a solution that can solve these problems is critical to business success.

Crafted for the hospitality industry, TCP's solutions provide the flexibility your organization needs to schedule, track and manage your workforce. With our configurable tools, your leaders will be able to better leverage historical data to build consistent schedules, streamline pay periods with accurate and timely payments, and more proactively monitor the day-to-day.

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TCP’s Solutions Integrate with Major ERP, HCM & Payroll Systems

See how TCP's solutions seamlessly integrate into existing systems for smooth and efficient operation.

Top capabilities for hospitality organizations

Optimize the day-to-day

Configure the employee interface

Customize your organization’s deployment methods with configurable mobile apps, time clocks and web browser options.

Empower employee accessibility

Use a range of features designed to create a more accessible solution such as our Multi-Language capabilities.

Streamline leave management

Use an automated leave bidding process to ensure you have enough qualified staffers for any given day.

Create more efficient schedules

Leverage your data

Take advantage of historical shift and labor data to create consistently accurate schedules according to trends and patterns.

Deploy schedules effectively

Utilize mobile and web tools to deliver live and updated schedules instantly to your workforce.

Ensure optimal communication

Use shift tags and descriptions to let the workforce know exactly when, where and what they should be doing.

Empower proactive management

Utilize notifications

Streamline the reaction time for managers with notifications of shift exceptions such as approaching overtime or long shifts.

Automate your reports

Have reports waiting in your inbox when you come to work each day, allowing you to get straight to managing the workforce.

Customize dashboards

Configure your own dashboard to have the vital information available the moment you log in for the day.

Manage a diverse workforce

Deploy multiple schedules

Easily create and distribute different schedules by employee type, department or role.

Track flexible labor

Report on and manage employee labor even if they work in multiple roles or locations.

Gain deeper insights

Track multiple types of metrics for employee labor that needs both time and numerical values such as rooms cleaned.

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How can our solutions help your organization?

Mitigate under and over-staffing

In an industry like hospitality, historical data showing trends and patterns for staffing requirements can be leveraged to create better schedules in the future. With TCP Software’s Demand-Driven Scheduling feature, your organization can automate the analysis and schedule development process by importing your data and letting the system create optimized schedules for you.

Streamline daily management

Collecting time, managing leave, updating schedules and more are all daily aspects of workforce management for hospitality organizations. Using TCP Software’s workforce management tools your organization can simplify and automate many of these daily processes. Let the solution handle prioritization of leave requests, pushing schedule updates to employees and more so you can focus on tasks that need your personal attention.

Be proactive with management

Reaction time can be everything in managing a hospitality organization, whether it is mitigating unnecessary costs or personal customer service. With TCP Software’s reports, notifications and exception tracking tools, you can be more proactive with how you manage your workforce’s time and labor. Limit unnecessary overtime or long shifts with notifications sent directly to your inbox when employees are reaching certain thresholds. Stay on top of your workforce management with tools designed to keep you up to date on everything you need to know.

Deploy a flexible solution

The diverse workforce of a hospitality organization requires a flexible solution to handle its needs. With TCP Software’s deployment options your organization can deliver mobile apps to employees on the go, customize a physical time clock for on-site staff and utilize a web browser solution for in-office employees to create the optimal employee interface.

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