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Bridging the Tech Gap to Manage Your People More Effectively

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Find out what over 300 executives and business leaders told us about their workforce, the technology they’re using today and the emerging tech they’re looking at for tomorrow.

Other insights uncovered in TCP’s report:

  1. COVID-19’s impact on workforce policies and technology investment.
  2. There is a stark difference right now between reality and ambition for tech adoption.
  3. Biggest employee pain points with HR tech.
  4. What is (or isn’t) holding leaders back from greater digital acceleration?

Curious how the state of your organization compares to our study? Want to know how others are prioritizing their tech spend in 2022? Do you just love industry data? Our report indulges all three curiosities.

How Workforce Analytics Can Improve Your HR Management

A lot of the decisions you’ve made in life were based on your experience, your knowledge, and going with your gut instinct.

Improving the Employee Experience Amid COVID-19

Now, as the pandemic has changed how and where employees work, the employee experience is even more critical in building a workforce that can achieve company goals during the most challenging of times.

Evolving HR’s approach to employee scheduling and workforce management

COVID-19 has not only increased the prevalence of remote work, but also presented new workforce management challenges affecting employee productivity and engagement.

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