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Absence & Leave Management

Flexible Absence & Leave Management

To an employee, taking time off is a seemingly simple request. Employers, however, are all too familiar with the difficult job of managing leave. Complex local, state and federal regulations combined with rules developed by the individual organization can make managing leave one of the most complicated issues for an HR team.

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Thankfully, integrated workforce management tools can help with effective leave management. Between maintaining compliance, easily tracking and approving requests and ensuring shift coverage, the ability to configure and flex your leave management administration to meet your specific needs is essential.

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Key Absence & Leave Management Benefits

green arrow Inefficient Leave Management Is Costing You Money

Inefficient Leave Management Is Costing You Money

If your current leave and absence management solution doesn’t provide up-to-date data that is integrated with other key areas of workforce management, like time and attendance and scheduling, you leave yourself open to a host of costly problems. For starters, complicated federal, state and local regulations make you vulnerable to compliance risks, which according to TCP’s experts can easily cost your organization upwards of $40,000 per instance. Additionally, integrated systems provide easy insight into ongoing issues like excessive absenteeism. Issues like this may be costing your organization more than you think. For example, the Center for Disease Control Foundation reports that “productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee.”

green arrow What Can Integrated Leave Management Do for You?

What Can Integrated Leave Management Do for You?

Integrating leave and absence management with your overall workforce management solution offers three key benefits: increased accuracy of data, minimized compliance risk and flexibility for easy updates. Real-time views of requests and balances give employees and managers accurate insight into this key data. In addition, complex legal requirements, such as ADA and FMLA, leave no room for error, but these rules can be easily overlaid in the system to ensure compliance. And finally, you need a system that can enforce any organizational policies you have in place without having to log in to multiple systems.

Ease Leave Management with Technology and OutsourcingEase Leave Management with Technology and Outsourcing
green arrow How TCP Can Help Your Organization?

How TCP Can Help Your Organization

TCP’s TimeClock Plus software easily integrates Leave & Absence Management with Time & Attendance, Scheduling and more, seamlessly working together and providing real-time access to data and reporting. Whether your HR department needs to manage different types of leave or monitor FMLA requirements, we provide simple, all-in-one tracking. TCP’s solution also makes it easier to ensure shift appropriate coverage for absences and provide comprehensive leave data that will highlight possible correlations between absenteeism rates and productivity.

More About Our Absence & Leave Management SolutionsMore About Our Absence & Leave Management Solutions

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