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Streamline processes for a more efficient workforce management

No matter your industry, mid-size organizations have certain workforce management challenges that are common across the board. Whether it’s running payroll, simplifying employee clock operations, managing a diverse workforce or performing complex labor and overtime calculations, there are many processes that can be pain points for an organization.

TCP Software provides the flexibility and automation your organization needs to simplify and streamline workforce management. With TCP’s tools your organization can track flexible labor, automate payroll calculations and even customize the employee clock operation experience for simple and fast workflows.

Enhance your productivity

Automate critical processes

With an always available digital system that makes tracking time and attendance easy, you'll stop searching for misplaced time cards or waiting for your people to punch in.

Deploy modern tools

Utilize configurable devices and our mobile apps to help your people check-in faster and smoother.

Track actionable data

Monitor exceptions in hours and schedules to ensure your workforce remains efficient.

Handle more flexibility

Schedule more efficiently

Schedule employees across departments and locations, and deploy different policies as needed.

Track with precision

Enhance your visibility with precise tracking of how your workforce actually works.

Optimize your experience

Configure your solution to your needs and enable your workforce to work more efficiently and effectively.

Manage proactively

Integrate your workflows

Take advantage of a seamless integration between leave, schedules and hours.

Automate more reports

Send reports to your inbox automatically, so they are ready when you are.

Configure exceptions

Improve efficiency with a live view and notifications of actionable exceptions, so you can manage more proactively.

Deploy Your Solution

Utilize the Browser

For in-office or remote employees with a desktop, use our browser option for convenience and efficiency.

Deliver Straight to Their Pockets

When employees are on the go or work in remote locations, use our mobile apps for ease of access.

Configure Your Time Clocks

Customize a physical device to read badges, scan fingerprints, or scan temperatures for safety, security and access.

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How can TCP Software help you?

Streamline and automate processes

No matter your industry, there are processes and workflows that are inefficient and error-prone, whether it’s running payroll or collecting employee time. With TCP Software’s automated overtime and labor calculations your payroll processes can become consistently accurate and on-time. Streamlining critical workflows empowers your workforce to focus on other important aspects of their job while the TCP solution works to eliminate unnecessary manual processes.

Utilize flexible deployment options

One of the most critical challenges of deploying a workforce management solution is deploying to a diverse workforce. From in-office to on-site to remote employees, deploying a single solution can be difficult. With TCP Software’s flexible options including mobile apps, configurable time clocks and web browser solutions, your organization can customize a deployment method that works for all your employees.

Be proactive with management

Reaction time can be everything in managing a workforce, especially when thinking about improving efficiency. With TCP Software’s reports, notifications and exception tracking tools, you can be more proactive with how you manage your workforce. Limit unnecessary overtime or long shifts with notifications sent directly to your phone when employees are reaching certain thresholds. Stay on top of your workforce management with tools designed to keep you up to date on everything you need to know.

Track flexible time and labor

For many organizations, tracking time and labor for employees can be difficult, especially if the employee works multiple roles or in multiple locations. Using TCP Software’s time and labor tracking tools, your organization has the flexibility to track different jobs, locations, departments or pay scales on a single employee. With a few simple configurations all of this data can be easily and automatically tracked without extra manual effort needed.

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