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Mid-Size Organizations

Automated Solutions to Keep Your Mid-Sized Organization Running Smoothly

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Workforce Management for Organizations with 50-500 Employees

green arrow Mid business enhance productivity

Enhance Productivity

Automate Your Processes

Stop searching for misplaced time cards or waiting to punch in with an always available digital system that makes tracking time and attendance easy.

Deploy Modern Tools

Utilize configurable devices and our mobile app to make work easier.

Track Actionable Data

Monitor exceptions in hours and schedules to ensure your workforce remains efficient.

green arrow Mid business be dynamic

Be Dynamic

Schedule More Efficiently

Schedule employees across departments, deploying different policies as needed.

Track with precision

Enhance your visibility with precise tracking of your workforce's labor.

Optimize Your Experience

Configure your solution to enable you and your workforce to work better.

green arrow Mid business manage more

Manage More

Integrate Leave Management

Take advantage of a seamless integration between leave, schedules and hours.

Automate Reports

Send reports to your inbox automatically so they are ready when you are.

Configure Exceptions

Improve efficiency with a live view of actionable exceptions as you review hours.

green arrow Mid business protect your business

Protect Your Business

Manage Expenses

See your schedule at a glance to avoid unnecessary overtime costs and overpaying contractors and consultants.

Ensure Compliance

Avoid fines or other penalties by ensuring compliance with laws such as Affordable Care Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Family and Medical Leave Act.

Control Access

Prevent unauthorized individuals from signing into your time clock system with robust access controls.


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