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Small Businesses

A Robust Workforce
Management Solution
for Small Organizations

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Solutions Focused On the Needs of Organizations Like Yours

green arrow Small business optimize your business

Optimize Your Business

Maximize Your Resources

Automate processes to drive scalable growth without significantly expanding resource capacity.

Control Your Labor Costs

Increase visibility into internal and outsourcing costs by creating separate reports for employees and contractors.

Automate Calculations

Use a time clock system designed to be exactly what small businesses need to keep things running smoothly.

green arrow Small business increase productivity

Increase Productivity

Free Up Time

Save time and resources previously spent on day-to-day management that can be automated.

Track Actionable Data

Monitor exceptions in hours and schedules to ensure your workforce remains efficient.

Deploy Modern Tools

Engage your employees by investing in new technology designed to make work easier for everyone.

green arrow Small business get up running fast

Get Up & Running Fast

Rapid Implementation

Migrate to a modern workforce management solution quickly instead of spending months implementing technology.

Intuitive by Design

Learn your way around the software quickly with a solution that’s easy to use and easy to navigate for all users.

Best-in-Class Support

Access a helpful support team, reference documentation and other resources to overcome challenges quickly.

green arrow Small business protect your business

Protect Your Business

Manage expenses

Use exception reporting, schedule variance and other tools to reduce unnecessary labor costs.

Ensure Compliance

Avoid fines or other penalties by ensuring compliance with laws such as Affordable Care Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Family and Medical Leave Act.


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