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Save your school administrators time and energy by automating substitute management

Substitute management is one of the most stressful, time-consuming processes that are a constant in K-12 school districts. From faculty leave requests, to finding available and qualified substitutes, to getting in touch and assigning them, the process is difficult start-to-finish. On top of it all, it is a necessary and high-stakes operation to ensure students are receiving a consistent, quality education.

With TCP Software’s Substitute Management feature your school district can recover its lost time and rest assured that quality, qualified and available substitutes are quickly located, notified and assigned. Many school districts today are already working towards automating this process, and with TCP’s solution your school district can ensure your substitute management is efficient and effective.

Substitute management Expediting an Enterprise Level Workday Integration In Just 90 Days

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Top Substitute Management capabilities

Reduce manual processes

Configure preferred lists

Enable teachers to set up lists of preferred substitutes to ensure the most qualified substitutes are notified first.

Establish tiered notifications

Configure and automate notifications in a hierarchy, giving preferred and most qualified substitutes earlier acceptance opportunities.

Streamline workflows

Automate the process from leave request entry to assigning substitutes and regain your school district’s time.

Integrate key workflows

Utilize seamless processes

Take advantage of a seamlessly integrated process from leave requests to updating schedules and hours.

Never miss a step

Watch new and accepted offers populate instantly with live updates.

Deploy fully mobile solutions

Get notified on-the-go

Deliver your solution directly to your substitutes’ pockets so they can receive and accept assignments wherever they are.

View live schedules

Ensure everybody is on the same page with live schedules viewable from their own mobile phones.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Preconfigured reports

See everything you need to with detailed reports for substitute management.

Customizable options

Create your own reports and automate them to deliver straight to your inbox.

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What can automated Substitute Management do for you?

Save your school district time and money

TCP Software’s substitute management tools are designed with a simple goal in mind: automate time-consuming processes to free up your administration. From faculty requiring leave approval to finding qualified individuals to notifying and scheduling an available substitute, the substitute management process is a significant challenge for school districts. By automating the process, your administrators can recover their time and refocus their resources on better supporting the school district and its students.

Optimize substitute positions

Often, teachers have a preference for which qualified substitutes are best suited to take over their class. With TCP’s Substitute Management tools, each teacher has the ability to designate preferred substitutes so that they receive the first opportunity to accept an assignment. This optimizes the chances for a qualified and preferred substitute to step in as needed, ensuring the class is in great hands.

Streamline Call Lists

One of the most significant challenges of manual substitute management is reaching out to each and every substitute while still trying to find local, preferred substitutes first. With TCP’s substitute notification tools, the TimeClock Plus system can sort substitutes by location, qualifications and teacher preferences and even establish a staggered notification process to give better candidates the first round of notifications. If they don’t accept the assignment within a certain time frame, the notification will open to a wider range of substitutes, all without your administrators having to lift a finger.

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