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Payroll Integrations

Save Time & Money with Dynamic Payroll Integrations

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Payroll Integrations for TimeClock Plus Software Makes Paying Your People Easier

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Manually processing time sheets, resolving discrepancies and entering and re-entering data are a few of the issues that can cause delays and errors when your workforce management and payroll solutions remain disconnected. TimeClock Plus Workforce Management software makes payroll automation possible with integrations with every major payroll provider, so you can take the pain out of running payroll in a silo.

Whether you’re using ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, or even payroll modules from popular ERP systems like SAP, Sage or NetSuite, we have a way to get you integrated.

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Learn How Integrations Maximize Your Payroll & ERP/HCM Systems

Top Payroll Integration Capabilities at a Glance

Coded Payroll Integration Modules

Integrates with All Major Providers

Enjoy the benefits of a pre-configured, integrated payroll system built to your provider’s needs.

Adaptable Configurations

Make adjustments as needed with configuration options readily available.

Simple Running Procedure

Run payroll with just a few clicks, eliminate errors, and provide a better experience for your employees.

Easy Pre-Payroll Processes

Locate Unapproved Anomalies

Run one of our pre-made filters to find unapproved hours and exceptions.

Close and Lock the Pay Period

Lock down the pay period so no edits can be made during your payroll process.

Easy Pre-Payroll Processes

Seamless Integrations

Experience payroll done easily using our seamless integrations.

Coded Exports

Enjoy the simplicity in one-click exports and imports.

Flat File Exports

Skip the unnecessary formatting with a flat-file export that has the data you need.

Configurable Filters & Templates

Set Default Employee and Job Filters

Create filters for employees and job codes and save them as default to spare you the hassle again.

Save Templates for Future Use

Configure the module and save it as a template for easy payroll processes.

Learn About Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile WFM Made Simple

TCP MobileClock puts the power in the palm of your employee's hand to approve hours, review schedules and more.

Thermal Sensor Time Clock

Award Winning Time Collection

Our durable and reliable time collection devices are highly configurable and can be built to meet your needs.

Solution Builder

Let us Help You Build the Right Solution

Your tailored workforce management solution is a few clicks away with our Solution Builder.


Why Integrate Your Payroll Solution with TCP?

green arrow More Timely and Accurate Payroll Processing

More Timely and Accurate Payroll Processing

It’s critical that you pay your employees accurately for time spent on the job. Integrating TimeClock Plus software with your payroll solution brings time and payroll together. You’ll have all the hours worked and all the jobs associated with those hours already captured and organized in the system. You’ll know exactly what overtime is owed to which employee and ensure that they are appropriately compensated during the pay period.

Learn More About Our Time & Attendance CapabilitiesLearn More About Our Time & Attendance Capabilities
green arrow Unified Employee Data Across Systems

Unified Employee Data Across Systems

Simply aligning key data points between two systems to ensure consistent synchronization reduces duplicate data entry. Every keystroke saved is reduced risk for error and time saved.

green arrow A More Productive and Engaged Workforce

A More Productive and Engaged Workforce

Transparent employee scheduling processes and the ability to consistently accommodate time off requests are two important elements to keeping your workforce productive, satisfied and engaged. You’ll understand exactly what time off employees have taken and how that time off relates to compensation. This ensures employee leave management and related leave compensation policies are also seamlessly incorporated into your payroll process.

Learn More About Leave & Absence Management SolutionsLearn More About Leave & Absence Management Solutions
green arrow Protect Against Claims of Non-Compliance

Protect Against Claims of Non-Compliance

Stay on the right side of applicable federal, state and local labor laws and regulation by ensuring the information between time and attendance and payroll is aligned and accurate. Being able to trace back through hours worked vs hours paid will help protect your organization against any complaints claiming an employee hasn’t been appropriately compensated for time worked, overtime worked or leave accrued.

Read More About Labor ComplianceRead More About Labor Compliance
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