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Proximity Time Clocks

A Touchless Experience For Quick Clocking In & Out

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No need to touch the clock - employees simply wave their badge in front for a fully touchless experience

Tcp proximity time clock keypad

Customize Your Own

Analog or Digital Interface

Choose between a touchscreen or keypad experience.

Add Attachments

Create a solution that suits you and add any of our other clock attachments for greater functionality.

Tcp proximity time clock scan screen

Scan & Go

Enable a Touchless Experience

Scan your badge and go, no touching required.

Clock In or Out in Seconds

Perform clock operations as you walk by and save time.

green arrow Tcp time clock badge scan

Open More Doors

Unlock Your Building

Use badges to grant employee access to the building.

Monitor Who’s There

Manage the people that come into your building with badge access.

Tcp time clock internal

Go Offline

Work Without Power

Choose the battery backup option to work even during times of no power.

No Internet, No Problem

With Fallback Mode, your employees can clock in/out without an internet connection.