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Essential Benefits of Workforce Scheduling Software for Higher Ed

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eBook cover of Essential Benefits of Workforce Scheduling Software for Higher Ed

Colleges and universities manage a highly diverse workforce with complex employee scheduling challenges.

To do their jobs well, managers need a workforce scheduling solution that delivers enhanced visibility, flexibility and time savings. The solution must take into consideration every unique shift parameter, including required skill sets and qualifications, employees’ ever-shifting availability and the available hours remaining in the pay period for each one.

Just as importantly, it’s got to be mobile-friendly to instantly notify and update part time student employees and workers who move about campus throughout the day.

Humanity Scheduling software is uniquely designed to significantly streamline the higher education scheduling process for both management and employees. With industry-leading dynamic scheduling, it enables staff to easily manage student employee schedules for any set of needs. Whether it’s recreation centers, housing, facilities, dining, bookstores and more, one campus or many,

Download this article to learn how TCP's Humanity Scheduling solution simplifies employee scheduling for employers and employees alike!

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