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Case Study: Cove Workspaces

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Rapid Growth Led Cove to a More Efficient Employee Scheduling Solution with Humanity

Based in Washington, D.C., cove is a startup that offers local entrepreneurs working spaces in their neighborhood. In just two years after their launch in 2013, cove has expanded throughout the D.C. area and into Boston, its second market. The company now has 11 locations across two cities and approximately 90 full and part-time employees.

Rapid growth is exhilarating, but it presents a number of challenges with systems and processes often being created after they are needed. No one knows this better than cove Operations Lead Scout O’Beirne.

“As we scaled to more locations, we realized that the current scheduling software we were using was inefficient. We had difficulty getting all of our shifts covered and enabling employees to trade shifts without having to go entirely through management to achieve this,” O’Beirne said.

Before switching to Humanity, the team used Google Calendar’s appointment function for staff scheduling, a method that became less and less effective as the company grew and continued to add locations and new members to the team.

Read our case study to learn how TCP's Humanity Scheduling helped Cove spend 50% less time on employee scheduling.

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