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Case Study: Dollywood Amusement Park

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Scheduling employees at this amusement park was anything but amusing before Humanity.

Attendance tracking and shift changes done manually require a lot of time
Prior to using Humanity, Dollywood managers only maintained staff schedules for their individual locations. Schedules were created manually using Microsoft Excel and were then shared with the leadership team via email. Attendance tracking, shift changes, and other requests were also managed manually, which required a lot of time and cross-referencing employee data.

Some divisions would create two versions of the schedule—one for employees, which was printed and posted in a common area, and another one for the leadership team, that broke down the total coverage by position needed to cover each specific location. With more than 1,000 employees stationed throughout the park and tens of different departments managing their own schedules, trying to locate an employee and their scheduling details was extremely complex and time-consuming.

Learn how Humanity Scheduling transformed their employee scheduling process and saved them 10 hours per week.

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