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Case Study: Watertown Ambulance Service

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eBook cover of Case Study: Watertown Ambulance Service The Town of Watertown Ambulance Service Inc. operates with about 30 paid and 15 volunteer medical assistance providers, ready to respond to the medical needs of the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The team consists of both professionals and volunteers that provide pre-hospital medical care as well as training and education to the citizens of Watertown and surrounding areas. Moreover, the staff provides support on request for concerts, sporting events, and other social gatherings taking place within the community. Over the years, Watertown Ambulance has grown into one of the county’s leading EMS teams, dedicated to continued growth, education and unquestionable reliability.

Before Humanity, managers created staff rosters using pen and paper and then transferred that data into Google Calendar. It was inefficient, considering the amount of time required to not only create schedules, but also to maintain them, manage shift trade requests, and make corrections and iterations necessary each week. Managers spent nearly a quarter of their work weeks dealing with nothing but scheduling.

Understaffing was also a huge issue, one that an emergency medical institution cannot afford to have. Moreover, the shift creation and maintenance process at this service is more complex than most businesses, considering that they not only have two locations, but also a mix of professional and volunteer employees who all have different skill sets and availability. Without up-to-date information on employees, it was very challenging for Watertown Ambulance Service to offer citizens reliable aid around the clock.

Download our success story to read how Humanity Scheduling helped them say goodbye to manual processes.

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