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It's Time to Migrate to the Cloud


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It's Time to Migrate to the Cloud

Over the past 15-20 years, the cloud has taken the computing world by storm. Today, 94% of enterprises use a cloud service; 41% of small-to-mid-sized businesses favor the public cloud; and 50% of enterprises spend more than $1.2 million on cloud services annually.

And adoption is only expected to increase. Cloud initiatives are anticipated to account for 70% of all tech spending by 2020. It’s predicted that 80% of organizations will be on the cloud by 2025, with the global cloud computing market forecasted over $650 billion.

The reason for this mass migration? Quite simply, the cloud offers too many advantages over on-premise applications to ignore. The following are 7 of the most common reasons organizations of all sizes and in all industries are migrating to the cloud.

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