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Case Study: OPTIONS Rehabilitation Services Cuts Payroll Time In Half

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eBook cover of Case Study: OPTIONS Rehabilitation Services Cuts Payroll Time In Half

Calgary-based Optional Rehabilitation Services (OPTIONS) provides day and full-time residential support to people with disabilities. The organization’s care model focuses on serving the entire family— children, adults and seniors—alongside those in need of specialized attention.

OPTIONS’ scheduling processes were completely manual when current executive director, Sean Yost, first joined the organization in April 2018. Sean noticed major inefficiencies early on, including that his facility director spent approximately 16 hours every pay period processing time sheets and evaluating vacation requests by hand for nine locations. Sean shared, “Tracking everything was done in Excel spreadsheets. The sheer amount of time that our different department directors were spending on making sure timesheets and vacation was correct was absolutely crazy.”

Sean began searching for a workforce management solution that would help modernize some of OPTIONS’ outdated practices:
• Tracking employee scheduling and vacation requests was paper based
• Pulling scheduling data for payroll processing was time-consuming
• Automating scheduling approvals for various roles was difficult

Download our case study to learn how TCP's Humanity Scheduling, integrated with the company's payroll processes, allowed them to process payroll 2x faster and eliminate manual processes.

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