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The State of the U.S. Workforce: Bridging the Gap to Manage Your People More Effectively

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eBook cover of The State of the U.S. Workforce: Bridging the Gap to Manage Your People More Effectively

Find out what over 300 executives and business leaders told us about their workforce, the technology they’re using today and the emerging tech they’re looking at for tomorrow.

Other insights uncovered in TCP’s report:
1) COVID-19’s impact on workforce policies and technology investment.
2) There is a stark difference right now between reality and ambition for tech adoption.
3) Biggest employee pain points with HR tech.
4) What is (or isn’t) holding leaders back from greater digital acceleration?

The responses we received shed light on the points above and much more. An overarching theme that stuck out in the findings is that there is a clear disconnect between what we know emerging technology can accomplish and how quickly leaders are adopting these solutions.

As organizations maintain increasingly dispersed workforces, it’s more important than ever to implement technologies that create efficiencies within vital business processes. That way, heads of departments, managers and executives can focus on human-oriented tasks, like ensuring employees are fulfilled and enriched, while enabling the organization to thrive.

Curious how the state of your organization compares to our study? Want to know how others are prioritizing their tech spend in 2022? Do you just love industry data? Our report indulges all these curiosities.

Download TCP's report to find out how the U.S. workforce is changing and how technology can help alleviate critical pain points and challenges.

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