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Workforce Management Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturers

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According to a recent Deloitte study, the pandemic decimated about 1.4 million U.S. manufacturing jobs. Fortunately, manufacturers were able to hire back 820,000 of these jobs but more than 500,000 remain unfilled – even with openings. Executives said they’re struggling to fill entry-level production positions as well as skilled workers for specialized roles.
As research like this suggests, WFM is an essential practice for manufacturing employers as they face labor shortages and rising materials costs. Genuine workforce management happens when companies integrate key activities into one platform. Regardless of the size of your company, chances are you’re looking for information about how to choose the right workforce management (WFM) software because your:
• Existing systems aren’t meeting your need to gather punches and track multiple project sites
• Costly payroll errors are hitting your budget or negatively impacting employee morale due to errors in pay
• Methods for scheduling aren’t strategic, and supervisors must rely on their best guess to know where employees are the most productive

With WFM, manufacturers can make decisions based on labor tracking and job costing, and leverage document management capabilities to retain files and avoid risk. In addition, tools for supervising mobile workers and staff working at job sites make it easy to capture all the necessary data, regardless of an employee’s location.

Whatever brought you to this search for a WFM solution, you’re in good company. Many manufacturing firms are realizing a need to elevate their workforce management approach. In our WFM buyer's guide, you'll learn:
• Which questions to ask to help you choose the best solution.
• What to consider when reviewing the available options.
• Why your organization needs a workforce management system.
• Benefits of a workforce management system.
• How to prepare for the vendor selection process.

Download our guide to learn key steps to help identify what you need to consider and who needs to be involved in your search for workforce management software.

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