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Workforce Scheduling

Scheduling Tools are Critical to Success

Scheduling is one of the most complicated elements of workforce management, and in most cases, only those responsible for it can relate to the complexity involved. It’s also one of the most critical aspects of operational success. You can’t maximize business results without the people there to help you do so.

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When it comes to workforce scheduling, integrated solutions are everything. The right solution streamlines processes and relieves organizational pain points. It integrates with time and attendance, leave and absence management and payroll systems to enable comprehensive workforce management in a central, enterprise-wide solution.

Key Workforce Scheduling Benefits

green arrow Technology Helps Build Better Schedules

Technology Helps You Build Better Schedules

Even with the vast array of technology available, many organizations are still building schedules in spreadsheets and posting a printed schedule on the wall. But what happens when schedules change? The reality is schedules are volatile and fluctuate daily. Organizations need integrated shift scheduling systems for a technology-driven world. When developing workforce schedules, managers should be able to view time-off requests, time and attendance data, including exceptions, and past schedule information.

Managing Employee Relationships Starts with SchedulingManaging Employee Relationships Starts with Scheduling
green arrow Key Scheduling Software Capabilities

Workforce Scheduling Software Capabilities

A study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 36% of organizations practiced workforce planning in 2020, which is up considerably from previous years. With more companies analyzing their workforce to determine how to prepare for future staffing needs, HR functions need data and tools they can leverage to provide answers and make plans, especially during challenging times. There are vital features to consider when looking at a scheduling system such as access for employees to view schedules online, flexibility to pivot shift coverage when changes occur and interdepartmental communication for better visibility.

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green arrow Scheduling Software Decreases Labor Costs

Decrease Labor Costs with Integrated Workforce Solutions

Many organizations looking to improve their processes to lower costs find that software offering scheduling integrated with time and attendance provides long-term benefits. It helps manage complex organizational structures, eliminate compliance issues, ease scheduling headaches, reduce turnover and allows HR departments to focus on improvements to the overall organization. Compliance requirements like those from the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) require an incredible amount of tracking, and consequences or failing to do so can cost your organization dearly. Automated and integrated systems take the headache and stress out of all these concerns.

5 Ways Employee Scheduling Reduces Labor Costs5 Ways Employee Scheduling Reduces Labor Costs

Scheduling Features That Set TCP Apart

With TCP’s scheduling system, powered by TimeClock Plus software, you can build and manage schedules, create recurring schedules, set up exceptions, and download reports to optimize your workforce. We offer technology that helps improve your overall operations and ensures you have the right people in the right place at the right time. Included with this technology are a few unique features:
Flexible Workforce Scheduling Options  
Deploy schedules based on your specific needs, ad hoc, recurring and anything in between.
Employee Accessibility  
Our technology allows employees to access schedules from any device.
Regulatory Compliance  
Create rules to ensure laws are followed and overtime is appropriately applied.
These features are just the start of what sets TCP scheduling apart from the competition, and now, our acquisition of Humanity Scheduling takes our employee scheduling capabilities to the next level.

Want to know more? Download our eBook, Everything You Need to Know About Workforce Management, and check out Chapter 2, “Reduce Workforce Friction with Integrated Scheduling.”
HCM and ERP Payroll Integrations

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Over 3 Million Users Trust TCP

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...Our employees were using a 25 yr old, primitive, handwritten punch clock system. They now access TimeClock Plus primarily through their smart phones. It's quick and easy for them to clock in and out...

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The best feature of TimeClock Plus is the flexibility in time recording whether it is using a stand alone, computer browser access or the mobile app....records are in real time and if any exceptions need to be addressed this can be done by using any device.

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Easy access. We can put it on all of our computers so the employee can clock in at any time any where. And the fact that I can get help at any time. They are very good to work with.

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The web clock features for clocking in and out [is] really nice. This is ideal for users who are on the go or not in the office. You can use the site on your phone's browser. You can also use the app.

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I like the import/export feature, as having the ability to quickly move data between TimeClock Plus and QuickBooks is a great time saver compared to manually exchanging the information.

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I really enjoy their customer service, professionalism, and commitment. It's a great system for scheduling, clocking in/out.

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TCP has the most complete set of features to solve advanced scheduling, timekeeping, and payroll problems.

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TimeClock Plus is easy to use and export to our payroll system. It fits our basic timekeeping needs at a reasonable price. Implementation and training went very well.

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The question option that TimeClock Plus added during COVID is excellent and very easy to use. It is a great way to document how employees felt and if they are safe to be at work.

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The platform is simple to use. It has been so helpful to be able to add a module that allowed us to incorporate questions regarding COVID exposure.

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It gives me a real-time way to capture hours worked on each project and I don't have to remind my crew to turn in time sheets.

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We have three locations and manage everything for one login and our employees can clock their hours regardless of which location they are at. ...Everything just works, very well, all the time...for years!

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Love their customer support. No waiting periods during phone calls, help from the live person (no robots), immediate help with technical issues.

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TimeClock Plus is easy to use. Our business employs many different types of employees who require different methods of tracking time and TimeClock Plus has provided us that capability.

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I have used TCP Software for over 15 year and from the start they are very friendly and helpful. Tech support is awesome. They always understand what I am trying to do and know just how to help me make it happen.

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Sales rep was great in determining our needs and customizing a solution for us. Customer support after setup has been easy to access and quick to solve any problems.

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