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Proven time tracking and employee scheduling solutions supported by the best customer care in the industry.

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Time Clock, Desktop Dashboard and Mobile App

Take the Work Out of Workforce Management

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Streamline Operations

While time and attendance remain at the heart of what we do, true workforce management requires robust, integrated solutions. Our capabilities also include document management, employee scheduling, labor tracking and costing, leave and absence management and mobile solutions.

green arrow Streamline workforce operations

Decrease Labor Costs

With built-in technology that flags labor costs such as overtime, workforce management tools can help managers adhere to budgets and easily make changes to shifts.

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Ensure Compliance

From internal policies to legislative rules at the federal, state and local levels, TCP workforce management software helps you stay ahead of ever-evolving labor law requirements.

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Optimize Time Clock Integrations

Choose from a wide variety of time clocks and time tracking devices to customize a solution that works best for your organization, while giving your employees the ability to self-service. Ensure employee safety with our Thermal Sensor, eliminate buddy punching with our biometric collection and track time and labor accurately.

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Stay Agile with Easy-to-Deploy Integrations

Integrating with all the major payroll providers, TCP software is designed to work seamlessly with most payroll, POS and HR systems, allowing your organization to scale with ease.

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From Small to Large, Organizations Trust TCP

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Without having the TimeClock Plus data so easily accessible, we couldn't be as cost competitive, and that is critical to our business.

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Thanks to TCP's superior functionality, all I had to do was set up my job codes and I was rolling.

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TCP makes it so easy for me to call and get questions answered quickly and easily. TCP is one of the best decisions I have made for my office.

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As an employee, I like that I have the ability to manage my own time and keep track of my hours day over day. And see adjustments as necessary.

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Great customer service, saved us a lot of time and effort. TCP It's the only way to go.

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TCP has been a great product. It is very easy to use and keep track of times. Very user-friendly!

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My experience with your service department has always been positive and I'm treated with respect.... I never dread calling for help.

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...I can easily check to see when I clocked in or out, and that I can see how many hours I've worked over the course of the week.

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This system is very user-friendly and easy to use in every regard. I have not once been disappointed in using this system.

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I always have a good experience when working with your customer support. I recommend TCP customer support to anyone.

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We have only had the system for about 6 months, but it has made such a difference in attendance tracking and reporting.

Resources to Help You Work Better

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Guide to Managing Labor Law Compliance

Effectively managing your workforce requires understanding and following legal requirements for hiring, scheduling and paying your employees.

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