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Is Poor Leave Management Tracking Costing You Money?

Don't let poor leave management tracking negatively impact business operations and cost you money. Here are some ways it could be hurting your bottom line.

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Frustration-Free Payroll Integration Is Not a Contradiction

TCP eliminates concerns around software integration by creating specially configured modules that work hand-in hand with any major payroll system.

How to Choose the Technology Stack Strategy That’s Right for You

Empower your employees by providing the tools that they really need. Learn how to choose the right technology stack for your organization.

5 Workforce Scheduling Features That Set TCP Software Apart

Do you need workforce scheduling tools to help you manage employee time and attendance? Learn how our workforce management software can help.

How WFM Software Solves Common Workforce Scheduling Issues

How can you address common workforce scheduling issues? Our workforce management software allows you to easily manage & communicate employee schedules

Industry-Leading Time-Collection Options from TCP

From biometric time clocks to thermal sensor time clocks, learn about TCP's time-collection options to help you manage employee time and attendance.

Tech-Driven Time & Attendance Leads to Better Decision Making

The right tools for managing employee time and attendance gives a clearer view of employee hours and helps leverage this data for better decision making.

Mobility Is Essential to WFM Solutions

We communicate, shop, track fitness and activity, navigate, pay bills and even buy a cup of coffee, all from our phones. Work should be no different.

Can you Use CARES Act Funds for WFM Solutions?

Learn how you may be able to use CARES Act funds to subsidize new technology that can future proof your organization.

Getting Back to Business Safely

For most of us, getting back to the office does not mean business as usual, but preparing for a new normal.

6 Ways State And Local Governments Can Return To The Office Safely

While government agencies are engrossed in helping communities, some have neglected to prepare their workforces and offices for a safe return to work.

Tech Tip - Asking Questions on Clock Operations

Ask your employees a yes-or-no question before they can complete a clock operation with the TCP® Question on Clock Operation module.

Eliminate the Hassle of Finding Substitutes

With the SubSearch Plus feature, you can improve work efficiency by eliminating the manual processes that are typical with finding substitutes.

Stay Updated on the latest Coronavirus, Workplace Guidelines

The U.S Department of Labor’s OSHA published Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 outbreaks in workplaces.

Temporary Rule: Paid Leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

How you will benefit from the protections and relief offered by the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act includes an Emergency Family and Medical Leave Act expansion, a provision for emergency paid sick leave, and more.

Keep Clear of these Common Overtime Errors

Many employers misunderstand overtime requirements. It's important for HR to train management in order to avoid overtime errors that other companies have made.

From Workforce Planning to Planning Work

Part-time, temporary, contract, and gig workers fill skill gaps and increase productivity. HR can leverage these workers using a workforce planning approach.

Unlimited vs. Limited PTO: Which One Is Right for Your Workplace?

Unlimited PTO offers several advantages for both workers and employers, but it isn't for every organization.

Paid Leave May Be 2020's Biggest WorkPlace News

Paid leave has become a mandate in several states across the US including Washington and Oregon. Learn about the other top workplace news for 2020.

A Decade To Remember

We're celebrating another ten years of TCP! Learn how our growth over the past decade has helped us get to where we are today.

DOL Proposal Will Expand Use of Fluctuating Workweek Pay

In May 2020, the Department of Labor announced a final rule that will make fluctuating workweek pay more beneficial for employers and employees.

OFCCP Won’t Review Federal Contractors’ EEO-1 Pay Data

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs announced that they won't be reviewing the Federal Contractors' EEO-1 Component 2 pay data this year.

DOL’s Wage and Hour Collects Record $322 Million in Back Pay

The U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour collected a record $322 million in back wages for workers in the fiscal year 2019.

Democrats to Reintroduce Federal Predictable Scheduling Law

Democrats reintroduce the federal predictable scheduling law. Learn how it could impact employees and employers.

EEOC Reduces Employee Pay Data Requirements

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced the drop of the EEO-1 Component 2 data requirement. Learn more about this important change.

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