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Tips for Improving Substitute Teacher Retention in Your K-12 School District

When school is in session, you can’t afford to be short-staffed. You need regular teachers and substitutes in every classroom, across all grades and locations. But when you don’t have enough teachers, you can fall behind schedule, and students will miss out on critical classroom instruction.

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Evolving HR’s approach to employee scheduling and workforce management

Human resources is a crucial department in any organization. Learn how to evolve their approach to employee scheduling and workforce management.

Tips for Managing Affordable Care Act Compliance in K-12 Schools

Managing ACA compliance for a K-12 school is no walk in the park. Learn how workforce management software can simplify the process.

TCP Time Clock Installment: No IT Support Required

No IT team or is yours overburdened? Don't let that keep you from implementing better workforce management solutions. Our hardware is easy to install.

5 Tips to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

Managing a hybrid or remote team? Avoid the pitfalls of employee disengagement by following these tips.

Hey Alexa, do we need a biometric time clock?

Learn about the benefits of biometrics time clocks and the legal considerations when implementing them.

How Workforce Analytics Deliver Data to Improve Efficiency

Workforce analytics provides the insights you need to make better decisions about workplace efficiency.

How Workforce Analytics Delivers Insights to Boost Your Bottom Line

Using workforce analytics, you can gain visibility into the time and costs associated with the work your employees perform.

Remote vs. In-Person Balance of the Future

TCP CEO Eric Thurston shares his thoughts on why in-person work is more important than ever, though hybrid work arrangments will likely remain common.

Ease Workers' Health Concerns with TCP’s Touchless Temperature Scanner Time Clock

Ease return-to-work tension with procedures like temperature tracking with TCP's integrated thermal sensors and simple vaccination attestation tracking.

Tech Tip: Customizing Categories for Effective Document Management

Are you effectively categorizing and storing key workforce documents? Learn how to do it in TimeClock Plus.

COVID-19 Checklist: Back to Work

To engage your workforce, you must improve the employee experience. Learn how to do so amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Smarter Employee Scheduling Can Empower Your Workforce ... and Why it Matters

A workforce management solution that empowers employees will ultimately improve workforce management in these three ways.



Recognizing and Addressing Time and Labor Tracking Challenges in Today’s Workforce

Improving the Employee Experience Amid COVID-19

To engage your workforce, you must improve the employee experience. Learn how to do so amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top 7 Ways to Keep and Find the Best Employees Amid Worker Shortages

These 7 mindset shifts can help your organization survive and even thrive through labor shortages and other workforce management challenges.

Building a Business Case for Workforce Scheduling Software

Build a business case for the impact of dynamic workforce scheduling software on employee productivity, business growth and your bottom line.

5 Ways to Increase Productivity in Manufacturing

Follow these five tips to increase efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing facility.

Complimentary Gartner Report: Best Practices for Workforce Management Deployment

Discover tips to help organizations find and deploy a solution successfully, avoiding the pitfalls many experience.

Building a Business Case for Leave Management Software

TCP Leave Management software helps you automatically schedule time off in an equitable way, saving you time and money & protecting against FMLA penalties.

Workforce Management: Getting the Ball Rolling

Interested in getting a workforce management (WFM) solution, but don't know where to start? Learn how to get the WFM ball rolling here.

Building a Business Case for Time & Attendance Software

Building a business case for time tracking software for your boss? Factor in these four common impacts and the competitive TCP solution.

4-Day Workweeks: Is this the Next Employee Scheduling Trend?

The Pros and Cons of having a 4 Day workweek Find out more about adapting this new trend of workforce scheduling!



Recognizing and Resolving the Challenges of Scheduling in Healthcare

Time Tracking or Employee Scheduling? The Answer Is… Both

TCP Software has married two solutions: world-class time tracker & the most intuitive shift scheduler on the market: TimeClock Plus & Humanity Scheduling.

How to Effectively Manage Overtime in Your Healthcare Center

Overtime is an unavoidable reality of managing a healthcare workforce, but it can become problematic. See how to manage overtime in your healthcare center.

Top 4 HR Use Cases for Cloud Document Management

In a post-pandemic world, cloud document management can continue to improve your business’s documentation processes.

How To Have a Report on Your Desk Monday Morning

Our TimeClock Plus software has automated reports that are as painless and efficient as possible.

Overcome the Pain of Disconnected Systems with Integrated Tech Tools

By selecting integrated tech tools for your organization, you can say goodbye to disjointed time tracking, inefficient payroll processes, and more.

Top 7 Benefits of a Leave Management System

Leave management systems help organizations keep track of employee leaves and absences and determine where replacements are needed.

Should Employee Leave Be Mandatory?

In order to better support employee work-life balance, some organizations are implementing mandatory leave. Learn more about the pros and cons.

How Leave Management Helps Employees Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Creating a strategy for leave management can help support a healthy work-life balance for employees, resulting in a more productive and engaged workforce.

Ditch Generational Stereotypes to Develop a Well-Rounded Workforce

Embrace the perspectives each generation brings to the workplace and use it to create a well-rounded workforce.



Navigating the Pains and Challenges of Properly Scheduling the Workforce

5 Must-Haves for Managing Complex Student Employee Schedules

With a few mindset shifts and the right tools, scheduling around your part-time employees’ ever-changing calendars can be easier than you ever imagined.

Tech Funding Sources For Local Governments

Learn about the funding sources that are available to help your city or county government recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tech Funding Sources for State Governments

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, new funding sources are available to help your state recoup lost revenue and recover.

Tech Funding Sources for K12 Schools

Tech funding can be used on a workforce management solution that will help keep operations running smoothly at your K-12 school.

5 Workforce Scheduling Tips for Higher Ed

Colleges and universities are responsible for workforce scheduling for teachers, administrators, and more. These 5 tips could help simplify the process.

Tech Funding Sources for Higher Education

Tech funding can be used on technology that will position your college, university, or higher education institution for future success.

Customer Service: It’s Not About the Pickles

TCP CEO Eric Thurston shares customer service insights derived from an anecdote from a Chick-fil-A manager.

6 Reasons Healthcare Orgs Need Demand-Driven Scheduling

In healthcare, proper staffing is vital to ensure patients receive the best care. Learn why healthcare orgs need demand-driven scheduling.

Prevent Falsified Time with Digital & Mobile Solutions

No one wants to pay for work that doesn’t take place. Turn to digital & mobile solutions that will streamline processes and prevent falsified time.



The Status Quo of Mobile Solutions: When, Where and Why to Use Them

California Employers Must Adapt to New Time Rounding Rule

The California Supreme Court recently ruled that employers are prohibited from using time rounding for meal breaks. Learn how this will impact you.

How Does the 2021 Stimulus Package Support Investment in Business Tech?

With the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) becoming law, it provides a series of stimulus payments for businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

What Is Workforce Management?

Tracking time gets you from clock in/out to payroll, but workforce management consists of integrated solutions to help you make more informed decisions.

Caring for Employees During Times of Transformation

TCP Software CEO Eric Thurston shares his perspectives on caring for employees during times of transformation and more.

How Detailed Should Your Employee Time Tracking Be?

Adding greater levels of detail can help your organization identify opportunities and efficiencies that can drive your bottom line.

Top 5 Ways Payroll Automation Will Benefit Your Business

Payroll automation can transform your payroll function and eliminate the headaches associated with manual processes. Learn about the other benefits here.

Union CBA Compliance Made Easy

Collective Bargaining Agreements help to secure contractually-guaranteed pay & benefits. Simplify union CBA compliance with our advanced scheduling tool.

Streamline Your Payroll Processes by Identifying Exceptions

Learn how to simplify your payroll processes by determining the exceptions that could keep you from running payroll as usual.

Take the Stress Out of Managing Leave Requests

Take the frustration out of leave management! Learn how TCP's Leave Bidding tool can help you easily manage employee leave requests.



Survive and Thrive During the Great Resignation

TCP’s Advanced Scheduler For Public Safety Orgs’ Most Complex Needs

We designed our advanced scheduling solution to help public safety organizations tackle their most complex scheduling needs. Learn how it can help you.

Level Up from Copy-Paste Schedules to Data-Driven Staffing

Now you can leverage your business KPIs to tailor schedules to anticipated demand, thanks to Demand-Driven Scheduling built by Humanity.

Find the Most Qualified Substitute Teachers with TCP’s Substitute Management

Take the stress out of finding substitutes and keep school operations running smoothly with our substitute management solution, Substitute Management.

Once-In-a-Generation Storm Brings the TCP Community Together

With thousands without power in San Angelo and many also without water, TCP opened its doors to families of its employees needing a warm place to stay.

Automated Time Tracking for Title 1 Activities for K-12 Organizations

Time tracking for Title 1 activities for your K-12 school can be easy with our automated solution for recording hours and aligning employee time to budget.

Which Employee Documents Do I Need In Case of an HR Audit?

TCP’s configurable and secure document management solution, allows you to securely store your employee files in the event of a compliance audit.

How Governments Can Become Masters of Remote Workforce Management

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many government agencies to adopt a remote work format for the first time ever. Here are tips on doing it successfully.

Enhancing School Security

Campus Security & Life Safety recently published this article from TCP CEO, Eric Thurston, on sweeping changes made by schools during COVID-19.

Avoid Compliance Issues with Secure Document Management

If you want to stay in compliance and protect sensitive employee information, you need a secure document management solution for your organization.



Evolving HR’s Approach to Employee Scheduling and Workforce Management in the Future of Work

Is Poor Leave Management Tracking Costing You Money?

Don't let poor leave management tracking negatively impact business operations and cost you money. Here are some ways it could be hurting your bottom line.

Frustration-Free Payroll Integration Is Not a Contradiction

TCP eliminates concerns around software integration by creating specially configured modules that work hand-in hand with any major payroll system.

How to Choose the Technology Stack Strategy That’s Right for You

Empower your employees by providing the tools that they really need. Learn how to choose the right technology stack for your organization.

5 Workforce Scheduling Features That Set TCP Software Apart

Do you need workforce scheduling tools to help you manage employee time and attendance? Learn how our workforce management software can help.

How WFM Software Solves Common Workforce Scheduling Issues

How can you address common workforce scheduling issues? Our workforce management software allows you to easily manage & communicate employee schedules

Industry-Leading Time Tracking Solutions

From biometric time clocks to thermal sensor time clocks, learn about TCP's time-tracking solutions to help you manage employee time and attendance.

Tech-Driven Time Tracking Leads to Better Decision Making

The right technology for managing employee time tracking gives a clearer view of employee hours and provides data needed for better decision making.

Why Mobility Is Essential to Workforce Management Software

Using your phone, you can shop, pay bills, and even buy a cup of coffee. Work should be no different! You need mobile workforce management software.

Can you Use CARES Act Funds for WFM Solutions?

Learn how you may be able to use CARES Act funds to subsidize new technology that can future proof your organization.



Recognizing and Addressing Time and Labor Tracking Challenges in Today’s Workforce

Getting Back to Business Safely

For most of us, getting back to the office does not mean business as usual, but preparing for a new normal.

6 Ways State And Local Governments Can Return To The Office Safely

While government agencies are engrossed in helping communities, some have neglected to prepare their workforces and offices for a safe return to work.

Tech Tip: Asking Questions on Clock Operations

Ask your employees a yes-or-no question before they can complete a clock operation with the TCP® Question on Clock Operation module.

Eliminate the Hassle of Finding Substitute Teachers

Eliminate the hassle of finding qualified substitute teachers for your school district with our SubSearch Plus feature.

Stay Updated on the latest Coronavirus, Workplace Guidelines

The U.S Department of Labor’s OSHA published Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 outbreaks in workplaces.

Temporary Rule: Paid Leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

How you will benefit from the protections and relief offered by the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act includes an Emergency Family and Medical Leave Act expansion, a provision for emergency paid sick leave.

Keep Clear of these Common Overtime Errors

Many employers misunderstand overtime requirements. It's important for HR to train management to avoid overtime errors that other companies have made.

From Workforce Planning to Planning Work

Part-time, temporary, contract & gig workers fill skill gaps and increase productivity. HR can leverage these workers using a workforce planning approach.



Recognizing and Resolving the Challenges of Scheduling in Healthcare

Limited vs. Unlimited PTO: Pros and Cons to Consider

Unlimited PTO offers several advantages for both workers and employers, but it isn't for every organization.

Paid Leave May Be 2020's Biggest WorkPlace News

Paid leave has become a mandate in several states across the US including Washington and Oregon. Learn about the other top workplace news for 2020.

A Decade To Remember

We're celebrating another ten years of TCP! Learn how our growth over the past decade has helped us get to where we are today.

DOL Proposal Will Expand Use of Fluctuating Workweek Pay

In May 2020, the Department of Labor announced a final rule that will make fluctuating workweek pay more beneficial for employers and employees.

OFCCP Won’t Review Federal Contractors’ EEO-1 Pay Data

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs announced that they won't be reviewing the Federal Contractors' EEO-1 Component 2 pay data this year.

DOL’s Wage and Hour Collects Record $322 Million in Back Pay

The U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour collected a record $322 million in back wages for workers in the fiscal year 2019.

Democrats to Reintroduce Federal Predictable Scheduling Law

Democrats reintroduce the federal predictable scheduling law. Learn how it could impact employees and employers.

EEOC Reduces Employee Pay Data Requirements

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced the drop of the EEO-1 Component 2 data requirement. Learn more about this important change.



Navigating the Pains and Challenges of Properly Scheduling the Workforce