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Create a touchless, streamlined clock-operation experience for employees

Whether your organization is looking to regulate access to facilities, improve safety in the workplace, or simply utilize existing employee ID badges, Badge-Reading time clocks are an essential part of day-to-day operations with an hourly workforce.

With TCP Software’s Badge-Reading time clock solutions, your organization can enhance security for your workplace while improving efficiency with daily clock operations. Using magnetic swipe, bar code, or proximity badges and fobs, you'll be able to facilitate a fully touchless experience while maintaining control over who goes in and out of regulated areas. And, if your company is already using badges for IDs, it's easy to implement them as a timekeeping component.

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How can badge-reading time clock solutions help you?

Open more doors

Sometimes your organization needs to regulate access to specific facilities or even to your site as a whole. With TCP Software’s Badge-Readers your organization can enhance security and ensure that only employees with the proper identification can pass in and out. Boost your security without sacrificing efficiency by taking advantage of employee IDs that may already be in use for your organization.

Simply scan & go

Does your organization struggle with lines building up behind the time clock during busy times? Using TCP Software’s badge reading options, your employees can go through in less than a second with scan-and-go operations. Bring speed and efficiency to your workforce’s clock operations and avoid slowdowns during clock in/out.

Customize to fit your needs

Each organization works differently and has unique needs for their time clocks. With TCP Software's Core Time Clock, you can mix and match our extensions to create the optimal clock-operation experience for your workforce. Facilitate fully touchless workflows, incorporate biometric security and add any other extensions your organization needs for optimal efficiency and a seamless employee experience.

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Work when it matters most

If you've experienced bad weather, power outages or unpredictable circumstances that prevented your technology from performing in the past, rest assured that our time clocks will keep your workforce running like clockwork, even when the power or internet are out. Simply deploy battery backups and offline capabilities to keep your organization operating even when unforeseen circumstances wreak havoc.

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