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Introduce security, safety and integrity to your workplace with biometric clock options

Maintaining the security and integrity of the workplace and its data is crucial for any organization, but finding the right solution that is both flexible and efficient can be difficult.

With TCP Software’s biometric time clocks, your organization can enhance security for your facilities and ensure your data integrity is secure, all while facilitating efficient clock operations. Use biometric time clocks to identify and track all employee operations throughout the day to ensure you have deeper insights into your workplace.

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How can biometric clock operations help you?

Enhance your security

Sometimes your organization needs added measures to ensure your workforce management data is secure and that your facilities are monitored. With TCP Software’s biometric time clocks, your organization can optimize security and guarantee that all time clock operations are performed by authorized employees. Know exactly who is in your facilities and guarantee the integrity of clock operations.

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Ensure organizational compliance

Buddy-punching is often a concern for organizations, but incorporating extra measures to monitor this can be difficult. With our biometric time clocks, you can easily take he necessary measures to ensure your workforce is compliant with organizational protocols. With TCP’s biometric options, your leaders can feel confident that employees aren't scamming the system, and that time clock operations are accurate.

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Each organization has unique needs for their time clock operations. At TCP Software, you can mix and match our time clock extensions to create the optimal clock operation experience for your workforce. Alternatively, if your organization uses computers for clock operations, consider our BioScan USB option to enhance data integrity without interrupting your normal workflows. Facilitate fully touchless workflows, incorporate biometric security, and ensure your clock runs even without power. We have an option available, no matter your specific needs or how your people work.

Work when it matters most

Has bad weather, power outages or unpredictable circumstances prevented your technology from performing and forced you to halt operations? Using TCP Software’s time clock devices, you can ensure your workforce continues to operate smoothly even when the power or internet are out. Just deploy battery backups and offline capabilities to keep your organization running even in the most unpredictable of times.

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