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Gain better insights into your construction workforce

Managing the workforce in the construction industry comes with a variety of key specific challenges. From remote and dispersed work sites to effectively tracking and reporting on labor and associated job costs, a flexible solution is critical to driving greater efficiency for your organization.

Crafted with construction companies in mind, TCP Software's solutions provide the flexibility you need to accurately track and monitor your workforce. With our configurable tools your organization will increase visibility into where and how your teams work and provide accurate reporting and analytics, leading to more efficient processes and better business decisions.

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Build a Better Construction Business with WFM Software

Top capabilities for construction companies

Optimize daily processes

Consolidate solutions

Integrate requests, schedules, hours and more in a single easy-to-use interface.

Conserve time and resources

Streamline day-to-day processes so you can keep your team focused and productive.

Automate complex calculations

Use automated labor and overtime calculations to take an extra step out of your payroll process.

Increase visibility into costs

Optimize your billing

Prevent unnecessary billing mistakes with extensive visibility into scheduling and labor costs.

Enhance job costing

Monitor labor with up to six tiers using a job costing tool that can track multi-layered work.

Use actionable reporting and analytics

Ensure you have real-time data

Make decisions based on time and labor data with reports and widgets that pull the most up-to-date information.

Automate your reports

Have reports waiting in your inbox when you come to work each day, allowing you to get straight to managing the workforce.

Deliver an efficient solution

Streamline employee operations

Configure employee access to enable the most efficient daily operations for your employees.

Deploy straight to your workforce

Use mobile apps to deliver a configurable solution directly to your workforce’s pockets, even in remote areas with no service.

Incorporate consistent scheduling

With greater visibility into your workforce, you can develop consistent shift scheduling, offering employees an improved work-life balance.

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How do TCP Software's solutions help construction companies?

Increase control over job costs

Insight and management of job costs is a pivotal crux in workforce management for construction organizations. With delayed or partial payments throughout the year and from various projects, knowing and managing the specifics of your work crews project costs can save crucial resources. With TCP Software’s flexible labor tracking and job costing tools, your organization can easily track and report on job costing, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Gain Valuable Insight with Labor Tracking & Job Costing

Utilize flexible deployment options

One of the most critical challenges of deploying a workforce management solution in the construction industry is deploying your solution to various work sites, especially ones that are remote and difficult to access. With TCP Software’s flexible options including mobile apps, configurable time clocks and web browser solutions, your organization can customize a deployment method that works for all your employees, even in sites with no internet connection.

Be proactive with management

Reaction time can be everything in managing a construction business, especially when thinking about controlling labor costs. With TCP Software’s reports, notifications and exception tracking tools, you can be more proactive with how you manage your workforce. Limit unnecessary overtime or long shifts with notifications sent directly to your phone when employees are reaching certain thresholds. Stay on top of your workforce management with tools designed to keep you up to date on everything you need to know.

Simplify accessing your data

Access to data is critical in making informed business decisions in the construction industry, which is why TCP Software developed customizable dashboards and automated reports. See the most important information for your workforce management as soon as you log in, or have a report waiting for you in your inbox whenever you need it to ensure you always have the data at your fingertips.

Guide to TimeClock Plus Reporting

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