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Control Costs & Optimize
Day-Day Operations
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Solutions Designed with the
Construction Industry in Mind

green arrow Construction bring systems together

Optimize Daily Processes

Consolidate information

Integrate requests, schedules, hours and more in a single portal.

Conserve time and resources

Streamline day-to-day processes so you can keep your team focused and productive.

Automate calculations

Use automated labor and overtime calculations to take an extra step out of your payroll process.

green arrow Construction protect profitability

Increase Visibility into Costs

Control billing

Prevent unnecessary billing mistakes with extensive visibility into scheduling and labor costs.

Utilize job costing

Monitor labor with up to six tiers using a job costing tool that can track multi-layered work.

green arrow Construction keep your team contected

Use Actionable Reporting & Analytics

See real-time data

Make decisions based on time and labor data with reports and widgets that pull the most up-to-date information.

Automate reports

Have reports waiting in your inbox when you come to work each day.

green arrow Construction improve safety

Enhance Your Efficiency

Streamline employee operations

Configure employee access to enable the most efficient daily operations for your employees.

Keep employees updated

Use the employee portal or mobile solution to ensure employees have access to schedules and documents when and where they need it.

Incorporate consistent scheduling

With greater visibility into your workforce, you can develop consistent shift scheduling, offering employees an improved work-life balance.

green arrow Construction streamline time collection

Streamline Time Collection

Offer mobility

Use a mobile solution for employee operations in remote areas, including areas with no service.

Customize your device

Create a time clock best suited to your organization with a selection of attachment options.

Mitigate health risks

Incorporate a thermal sensor attachment in your time clock to stop potential health risks at the door.

More Resources For You

TCP Mobile Clock

It provides a secure, reliable and accurate way to enable employees to navigate and perform daily operations with ease.

Leave & Absence Management

TCP’s Leave and Absence Management features provide a modern, automated way to streamline your organization’s leave management processes.

Integrations Maximize Your Payroll & ERP/HCM Systems

By integrating payroll platforms, ERP & HCM software, businesses have access technology to improve the bottom line.

Job Costing

TCP's Job Costing Module delivers detailned insight into your workforce's labor, allowing you to track up to five levels of employee work.


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