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TCP Core Time Clock

Customize your TCP Core Time Clock to suit your organization’s needs, from fingerprint scanners to touchless readers, to temperature scanners, and more.

Time clock selection guide

Time Clock Selection Guide

How can our Core Time Clock help you?

Expanded Functionality

Fully-Featured Options

Employees can do anything from simply clocking in to inputting time off requests all from a single device.

Individualized Configuration

Make things consistent company-wide, or adjust settings per employee or location.

Customize Your Own

Analog or Digital Interface

Combine the touchscreen and keypad experiences to broaden your organization's ADA compliance.

Add Attachments

Create a time clock solution that suits you and add any of our other clock attachments for greater functionality.

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Go Offline

Work Without Power

Choose the battery backup option to work even during times of no power.

No Internet, No Problem

With Fallback Mode, your employees can clock in/out without an internet connection.

Ensure Compliance

Enjoy Greater Security

All of the TCP solutions offer up to date SOC-2 compliance and encryption.

ADA Compliance

Our system is constantly updated to ensure we remain within the bounds of necessary ADA compliance.

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