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Ensuring a single source of truth for your data

Depending on your organization’s size and industry, you could have any number of ERP, HCM or payroll solutions that carry out their own processes and store their own data. If these solutions aren’t talking to your workforce management system, you could be suffering the consequences of higher costs, non-compliance and manual processes that waste time and energy for your management.

Our team is dedicated to working with you to ensure that you have a reliable stream of communication from your TCP Software solution to your other systems. With a single source of truth for data, you can be confident in your data-driven decisions and the workflows you have in place.

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Learn How the Mobile Clock App Makes Clock Operations Secure & Reliable

Benefits of TCP’s custom integrations

Never suffer from non-compliance

Non-compliance is a consistent issue and concern among any organization, regardless of industry. With multiple systems, each with their own database, it can be easy to produce errors that can put your organization at risk. If an integration is possible between your other solutions and the TCP Software systems, you can help protect your organization from non-compliance with a steady stream of communication between your management systems.

Ditch manual processes

Manual processes, no matter the department, are one of the most significant sources of wasted resources in an organization. With integrations in place, TCP Software can help reduce the manual effort needed to transfer data back and forth, allowing your organization to cut down on wasted time and money, and creating a better overall work experience for your employees.

Stay streamlined and scalable

Every organization works differently and has nuances to their needs and specifications. With TCP Software’s integrations, you can have a flexible solution that can meet your needs and is scalable for your organization. Simplify and minimize data entry with integrations that can connect seamlessly to your systems to ensure optimal efficiency.

Need more help?

Mobile WFM Made Simple

TCP MobileClock puts the power in the palm of your employee's hand to approve hours, review schedules and more.

Award-Winning Time Collection

Our durable and reliable time collection devices are highly configurable and can be built to meet your needs.

Build the Right Solution Easily

Your tailored workforce management solution is a few clicks away with our Solution Builder.

What can custom integrations do for you?

How does the process work?

TCP has been developing these integrations for decades, and we have over 500 payroll mods already built. We’ve also developed direct integrations to all the major ERP's that enable you to add seamless, best-in-class time collection software and hardware to an existing system. This semi-custom process offers significant costs savings to you.

Why integrate with TCP's solutions?

Looking to add a time tracking device to your existing ERP/HCM system? TCP’s wide selection of industry-leading time clock devices ensures you can build a device that meets your organization’s unique needs. Finally, TCP’s time and attendance software is second to none. Time and attendance is at the core of workforce management, so if your existing software isn’t meeting your needs, it’s likely also costing you money.

What sets TCP Software apart?

We create customized integration modules based on our customer’s specifications to ensure they get exactly the solution they need. And bonus, we can often deploy those customized solutions in weeks instead of months.

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Fast Implementation & Great Results

"The TCP team went above and beyond our expectations to ensure our success with their high professionalism and sensitivity to the situation."

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