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Document Management

Document Management Software to Securely Store Employee Files

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Securely Store Employee Files with Our Document Management Software

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TimeClock Plus Document Management software helps organizations consolidate employee information, HR documents, and workflows into a secure, online system. As HR teams cope with managing employees in multiple locations, the risk that comes with storing important human resource records on local hard drives or outdated physical file cabinets where they can be easily lost, stolen or even destroyed becomes a significant potential liability.

HR documents require an online employee file management system to protect and manage critical employee-related documents. Storing files, like HR records, within your workforce management software suite helps HR teams manage the numerous documents contained in a single employee file, including onboarding forms, contracts, payroll, performance reviews, medical insurance plans, elected tax withholdings and termination letters.

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Learn Why Document Management is a Key Component to Managing Your Workforce

Document Management Capabilities at a Glance

Employee-Specific Document Management

Store per Employee

Upload documents directly into the employee profile where they can be accessed and downloaded at any time.

Label by Category

Create and use categories to appropriately file documents.

Effective Management Permissions

Effective Management Permissions

Use category-based access to ensure managers can view only necessary documents.

Utilize a Range of Permissions

Give managers access to view, add, download and/or delete based on individual permissions.

Enhanced FMLA Capabilities

Upload into FMLA Cases

Attach required documentation directly to FMLA cases for a simple and efficient FMLA workflow.

Consolidate Processes

Strengthen your FMLA processes by keeping all the documents within a single application.

Secure & Unlimited Storage

Keep Documents Safe

Ensure your documents remain safe and confidential with configurable management access and TCP’s SOC-2 compliance.

Store all Employee Documents

Take advantage of the storage opportunity to keep all your documents in one portal.

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TCP MobileClock puts the power in the palm of your employee's hand to approve hours, review schedules and more.

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With hundreds of pre-configured and adaptable modules, integrating with major payroll software is a breeze.

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Why Manage Employee Documents with TimeClock Plus Software?

green arrow Simplify Record Keeping for FMLA

Simplify Record Keeping for FMLA

It takes a lot of steps and forms to ensure an employee is qualified to take unpaid, protected leave with health coverage and that the employer follows labor laws. By using TimeClock Plus Document Management software, the employee can simply upload the required documentation directly to an FMLA case. This ensures any records associated with the Family Medical Leave Act are tidy and compliant.

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green arrow Increase Security & Keep Confidential Documents Safe

Increase Security & Keep Confidential Documents Safe

Trust is key in the employee/employer relationship. It’s the employer’s duty to ensure sensitive personnel data like social security numbers, home addresses, birthdays, etc. remain fully secure. TimeClock Plus Document Management software provides different configurations to managers and users with access controlled by HR. The provides complete control over who can view or edit specific documents, restricting access to the right people and protecting personal information.

green arrow Document Management Customized Storage

Customize Storage Protocols to Enhance Organization and Reduce Wasted Time

Make it clear and easy for employees and managers to provide, review and approve any documentation required. Store and sort documents by specific categories and associate them directly with an employee profile, making them easy to organize, store and find.

green arrow Document Management Unlimited Storage

Enable Unrestricted Growth with Unlimited Storage

Whether you have five or five hundred employees, TimeClock Plus Document Management software provides a secure way to store, sort and view key HR documentation.

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Avoid Compliance Issues with Secure Document Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

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TCP takes compliance very seriously, maintaining SOC-2 compliance standards. The Document Management solution is no exception to our efforts in keeping your data secure, and our integration with eFileCabinet ensures that the documents you store are encrypted and secure at all times.
As of right now the TCP Document Management feature does not allow for importing of documents, but with a few easy clicks you can upload documentation quickly and securely.
There are some file size and nomenclature limitations for TCP's Document Management feature. No files more than 10MB or file names longer than 40 characters can be uploaded.
This depends entirely on which workflows you streamline using the feature. Day-to-day management will see a lot of time and energy saved by uploading performance reviews, employee documentation and more. FMLA management can also be significantly optimized by keeping case files associated with FMLA cases in the TimeClock Plus software.
No, you cannot merge any documents but you are always able to upload updated versions of documents to ensure the most up to date information is stored.
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