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Secure document management minimizes risk

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It’s no secret that Payroll and HR departments process and store a plethora of sensitive documents on a daily basis. From I-9s to W-4s, pay checks to performance reviews, all these documents must be stored securely, ensuring access is available only to necessary team members.

The real challenge is keeping these documents secure yet readily available in case of an audit or Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) case. If you file it and forget it, a surprise visit from the Department of Labor will be particularly unpleasant. If you’re tracking FMLA cases in hard copy files, you’re likely not providing enough security for this sensitive information. Adding Document Management to your TCP solution will help mitigate risk.

Additionally, our TimeClock Plus solution combines Time and Attendance, Scheduling, and Leave and Absence Management, allowing you to ditch disparate systems while automating manual processes and monitoring.

Key document management benefits

Ensure Files Are Easy to Locate with Controlled Access

Whether it’s payroll storing direct deposit forms, human resources filing an FMLA form or a manager processing disciplinary paperwork, this information is incredibly sensitive and should be carefully guarded. In most cases, the payroll processor doesn’t need to see any performance reviews or disciplinary files, and likewise, the manager doesn’t need to see an employee’s direct deposit form or I-9. The right tools use tags and categorization to make these documents easy to find and only viewable by necessary members of the organization.

Maintain Compliance

TCP’s experts estimate the average cost of a single, mishandled FMLA case to be around $40,000, including fines, legal fees and other costs associated with the case. Is your organization prepared to pay that kind of a fine? FMLA laws are complex and sometimes even conflicting between state and federal protections. Do you have all the necessary documents on file for each employee? Missing or inaccurate forms can result in a $100-$1000 fine per instance. You need tools that help you monitor legal requirements and maintain the proper tracking.

Eliminate the Need for Disparate Solutions

Many organizations use a disparate system to securely store these types of files, but chances are, you need another tool like you need another HR audit. And if your organization is still storing hard copies of sensitive documents, you’re creating a security risk that’s unnecessary in this day and age. Robust, integrated workforce management solutions, like our TimeClock Plus software, can easily store, organize and secure sensitive documents within the same system you use on a daily basis.

Document management benefits reduce errors

Easily Integrate with Major Payroll & ERP/HCM Systems

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