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Uncover key trends that help you monitor and control labor costs with automated time and attendance

TCP’s time and attendance software, powered by TimeClock Plus, is designed to automate the time-keeping processes you need to proactively manage labor-related risk, control labor costs and ensure your whole team is more productive.

Your people are your company’s most significant investment and the ability to make truly strategic decisions around how to leverage your workforce requires more than basic time tracking.

Our online time and attendance software not only enables you to automate employee time collection, it interacts with all key elements that engage the workforce (clock in/out, schedules, PTO tracking, hour tracking, etc.) making it the foundation of a unified workforce management solution that helps you unlock the potential of your team.

Workforce Management Solutions

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Overtime management shift schedules

Top time and attendance capabilities at a glance

Overtime Management

TCP’s overtime calculations can span a wide range including:

Varied overtime thresholds

Set overtime thresholds for weekly, bi-weekly, daily and weekly or other periods.

Weighted overtime configuration

Set up weighted overtime for employees with multiple rates.

Comp time configuration

For employees with a comp time option, set up a variety of rules for easy and automatic calculations.

Exceptions with hours

Exception tracking

View hour anomalies directly from your hours screen such as:

Missed punches

Easily see and correct missed employee operations as you view the hours.

Long shifts

Set a threshold for a long shift and be notified when employees cross it.

Long/short breaks

Make sure employees take the breaks they need to with thresholds for long and short breaks.

Labor cals shift diff

Dynamic labor calculations

TCP offers a range of essential labor calculations such as:

Shift differential

Easily attach premiums and rate changes to shifts worked at specific times.

Floating pay periods

Set up individualized pay periods for employees that might have different period schedules.

Paid breaks

Set up entire or partial breaks to be paid out with the hours worked.

Flexible config labor tracking edit segment

Flexible configurations

Workplaces today need dynamic setups that can be adjusted on a micro level, so TCP delivered just configurations for:

Master lists

Configure codes that will apply generally to the organization.

Department-specific configurations

Adjust master codes as needed for specific departments.

Employee-specific configurations

Individualize settings based on the employee profile.

Hour/time sheet specific adjustments

For the odd segment that needs it, adjust calculation and code settings even further on the time worked itself.

WFM is more than time and attendance

Our integrated workforce suite, powered by TimeClock Plus software, helps you track, manage and engage your employees.

Mobile WFM made simple

TCP MobileClock time tracking app puts the power in the palm of your employee's hand to approve hours, review schedules and more.

Award-winning back-to-work solution

NEW Thermal Sensor pairs with badge reading time clocks to provide a fully integrated solution to bring your team back to work safely.

What can automated time tracking software do for you?

Streamline time collection and payroll

TCP built our time and attendance software around the simple concept of ensuring you understand where your people are and what they’re doing while at work.

When deployed with TCP’s fully integrated time collection devices and proven integrations to every major payroll solution, you’ll be able to automate the process from clock-in to direct deposit.

Create more flexible and accurate employee schedules

Schedule exceptions enable you to define when and where your team needs to be, and time and attendance software shows whether or not they were actually there.

These two areas inform one another to ensure you have a closed feedback loop that enables you to refine work schedules and measure how well your team complies with the plan.

Track and manage paid and unpaid leave

Your time tracking software must be able to distinguish between worked and unworked hours and make sure that the right calculations are applied before exporting to payroll.

This gives you the ability to very tightly control how you define unworked hours, how they apply to your overtime rules and as a result, enable you to apply payroll policies and procedures accurately and efficiently.

Stay compliant with labor laws

From the Affordable Care Act to FMLA and the Fair Labor Standards Act, TCP’s time and attendance software helps empower you to stay ahead of federal, state and local labor law requirements. Customized workflows, audit logs and specialized document repositories will help keep your records in order and your blood pressure in check during your next audit.

Case study jasper county schools

From days to hours

Read how the Jasper County Board of Education took the pain out of payroll.

Frequently asked questions

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Can TCP’s time and attendance software integrate with my payroll provider?
TCP's time and attendance software, TimeClock Plus, integrates with all major payroll providers as well as several payroll solutions that have been developed for a specific industry. Take a look at our payroll integrations page. We're adding new integration partners all the time, so don't hesitate to reach even if your preferred solution doesn't appear today. It may already be in development or on our roadmap!
If an employee forgets to clock in or out, how can they adjust their clock-in/out times?
TimeClock Plus can be configured to allow any employee to log "missed punches" directly at the clock or in the mobile app. Managers are also able to fix missed punches.
How can TCP's time and attendance software help manage overtime?
One of the toughest parts about managing overtime correctly is calculating the correct labor rate and ensuring that your employees are being compensated appropriately for the work they're doing...not more and not less. 30 years of refinement and the understanding that not all organizations have the exact same needs has helped make TimeClock Plus labor calculations some of the most reliable and accurate in the industry. The ability to set the exact overtime threshold your company needs along with weighted overtime for employees with multiple rates and even the option to incorporate Comp Time are some of the Overtime Management features that set TimeClock Plus apart from the competition.
Are employees able to clock-in or out from their mobile phones?
Yes. With TCP MobileClock app, the mobile add-on for TimeClock Plus, employees can clock in, check their schedule and even request time off directly from their mobile phone. Configurable features like Geo-fencing and Geo-location can be leveraged to ensure the employee is present at the required location when clocking in. TCP MobileClock even includes an "offline mode" so you employees can clock in using the app even without Internet access.
Does TCP's time and attendance software prevent employees from clocking in/out for each other?
Yes. TimeClock Plus can be deployed with integrated time collection devices that leverage employee biometrics to eliminate buddy-punching.
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