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Control costs & increase efficiency across all operations

When it comes to managing a workforce as large and varied as government agencies, the more insight and transparency, the better. TCP’s solutions make it easy to control costs and increase efficiencies related to time and attendance, scheduling and leave management by providing key workforce data in an integrated solution.

TCP’s Time & Attendance solutions provide a depth of insight into your data, making it easy to optimize and drive cost savings. When it comes to organizations with complex scheduling needs, like those involving public works, police and fire departments and seasonal employees, TCP offers advanced scheduling solutions to make it easy.

And because scheduling and leave go hand-in-hand, our integrated solutions ensure you have every shift covered while maintaining compliance and avoiding unnecessary overtime.

Time tracking boosts bottom line

How WFM software helps governments maximize their workforce

Top Capabilities for state & local governments

Deploy unique schedules by department

Create flexible schedules

Set up schedules unique to departments or even individuals, meeting a wide variety of scheduling needs.

Ad-Hoc or recurring schedules

Create and adjust schedules manually or set up and assign a recurring schedule for your employees.

Advanced and interactive scheduling

Utilize a flexible and interactive scheduling system to accommodate the demands of a public safety schedule.

Manage leave efficiently

Optimize FMLA tracking

Consolidate FMLA case management to mitigate risks and ensure leave is handled effectively.

Integrate your solutions

Take advantage of leave management that informs and updates employee schedules and hours immediately, saving time and energy.

Empower remote & mobile employees

Access your solution anywhere

Connect to the cloud and track employee work no matter where they need to be.

Deploy modern and mobile systems

Use the newest technology with the TCP MobileClock app and track your employees’ off-site.

Control your costs

Track seasonal and contracted workers

Enhance your visibility into the work your temporary employees do and manage their costs.

Use flexible configurations

Employ configurations that can be customized by department or even by employee to ensure data is tracked properly.

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How governments can become masters of remote WFM

Remote work is here to stay. Download our infographic to understand the impact and how government agencies can work better remotely.

5 ways time tracking boosts your bottom line

TCP time tracking and scheduling systems give you access to the most effective and efficient tools to manage and track employees’ time.

Is poor leave management costing you money?

Don't let poor leave management tracking negatively impact business operations and cost you money. Here are some ways it could be hurting your bottom line.

Top capabilities for state & local governments

Control your costs

Out-of-control overtime and constantly changing schedules can wreak havoc on your budget and sanity. Take a proactive approach to tracking overtime and see real-time updates on employees nearing overtime thresholds.

With an easy dashboard view of this information, you can control overtime costs and better disperse shifts to the workforce. TCP also makes it easy to ensure enough workers are scheduled so you’re not stuck in a last-minute staffing dilemma.

Improve your workforce efficiency

TCP’s TimeClock Plus software consolidates daily operations and provides greater insight into workforce data like schedules, leave management and hours worked in a single view.

Dynamic schedules help you deploy flexible and accessible schedules easily to help your employees track when and where they work next. Additionally, you can pair our software with your current ERP system using one of our integrations.

Regulate protocols and ensure compliance

From building accessibility to data security, TCP helps you ensure compliance responsibilities are met. Know who is in your buildings and even grant access based on identification for optimized visibility.

Rest easy with a solution that guarantees compliance of accessibility standards. Finally, our SOC-2 compliance guarantees security, encryption and proper handling of data.

Streamline the employee experience

No one offers more time clock options than TCP. Our touchless, web-based and mobile time clocks provide options for government agencies’ varied workforces. For agencies with employees that work on the go, we offer mobile solutions that work anywhere.

Mitigate health risks by adding a thermal sensor attachment to your time clock. Customize the clock-in/out experience with configurable access for employees and an assortment of time clock attachments.

Expediting an Enterprise Level Workday Integration In Just 90 Days

Expediting an enterprise-level workday integration in just 90 days

Read how TCP helped the Maryland Department of Public Safety improve payroll accuracy and eliminate paper processes.

Time clock desktop dashboard mobile app

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