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Enhance front-end time collection for your ERP or HCM systems

Business systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Human Capital Management (HCM) are at the heart of many of your most important business processes. Why not consider taking your ERP or HCM implementation to the next level by integrating with completely secure, best-in-class time collection from TCP?

Our innovative and flexible solution is purpose-built to operate with your existing ERP or HCM system and can result in substantial savings through increased efficiency, streamlined business processes and improved workforce productivity.

Organizations looking specifically to add integrated time collection for Workday, PeopleSoft ERP, or Oracle HCM need look no further than TCP.

Hardware integrations maximize your payroll

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Benefits of integrating with TCP Software's time clocks

Optimize your data handling

When it comes to organizations using larger ERP or HCM solutions, the specific challenges of the day-to-day operations can get overlooked. This can lead to ineffective workflows, manual labor or even costly errors. With TCP Software’s customizable time clocks, your organization can benefit from a variety of options and features designed to make employee operations simple, efficient and secure.

Ensure seamless communication

With ERP and HCM solutions it is critical to have a steady, instantaneous flow of data among systems. Using TCP Software’s hardware integrations, your organization benefits from a seamless two-way integration that will consistently update to ensure that your data is always readily available. Never skip a beat with a direct flow of communication and a single source of truth for data.

Stay streamlined and scalable

Every organization works differently and has nuances to their needs and specifications. With TCP Software’s integrations, you can have a flexible solution that can meet your needs and is scalable for your organization. Simplify and minimize data entry with integrations that can connect seamlessly to your systems to ensure optimal efficiency.

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What can hardware integrations do for you?

PeopleSoft ERP integration

Automate time collection and integrate it directly with PeopleSoft, streamlining the entire process. Configure your time collection devices to suit your organization, including the mobile app or a variety of time clock attachments such as biometrics or badge readers. TCP creates the time collection experience and sends hours straight to PeopleSoft with the rest of your data.

Workday integration

Integrate TCP time collection with Workday to optimize your solution and increase efficiency. Configure an experience that streamlines your workforce’s operations with our customizable time collection devices. Choose any time clock attachments, including the biometric or badge reader options.

Oracle HCM Cloud integration

Use TCP time collection to extend your Oracle HCM Cloud investment with a field-proven, Oracle validated integration to Oracle Time & Labor. Customize it with attachments for biometrics, badge readers or a thermal sensor. Process complex union rules with automations and keep data protected with encrypted, secure and third-party certified data protection. For a mobile or remote workforce, use TCP MobileClock for a fast and dynamic mobile solution.

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