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Boost efficiency & reduce wasted resources with 100s of integrations

If your organization has siloed or independent systems that aren’t integrated, your teams are needlessly wasting time on manual processes. Workflows become days-long processes when you are working with a non-integrated solution, while using an integrated workforce management solution can shorten that time to a matter of hours or even minutes.

With our array of integrations into ERP, HCM and payroll solutions, you can rest assured you have a reliable pool of data that is being shared and updated consistently with your other solutions. Without the constraints of multiple databases that don’t communicate with one another, your organization can operate more effectively and profitably.

What can TCP’s
integrations do for you?

Optimize your data handling

When it comes to organizations using larger ERP or HCM solutions, the specific challenges of the day-to-day operations can get overlooked. This can lead to ineffective workflows, manual labor or even costly errors. With TCP Software’s customizable time clocks, your organization can benefit from a variety of options and features designed to make employee operations simple, efficient and secure.

Ensure consistent compliance

Non-compliance is a persistent issue and concern among all organizations, regardless of industry. When juggling several solutions, each with their own database, it can be easy to create errors that put your organization at risk. With an integration between your other solutions and the TCP Software systems, you can help protect your organization from non-compliance with a steady stream of communication between your management systems.

Mitigate payroll errors

When it comes time to run payroll, there are dozens of procedures and processes that your payroll department must go through to ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time. With TCP Software’s integrations, you can automate many of these processes and calculations to minimize the risk of payroll errors and simplify the process start-to-finish.

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