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K-12 schools face workforce management challenges unlike any other industry. From tracking labor for a variety of employee types, locating and managing substitutes, Title I or grant tracking and, at the end of the day, ensuring your faculty and staff can provide a quality experience for students.

TCP Software for K-12 provides powerful, flexible solutions to help school districts efficiently and effectively meet all these challenges. Using our configurable time and labor management features, tracking a variety of labor as well as managing labor associated with grants is easy and streamlined. With the substitute management tool, school districts can automate the substitute location, notification and scheduling process. And with our integrations your school district can simplify the payroll process, reducing it from days to a matter of hours.

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How WFM Software Helps K-12 Schools Manage Their Workforce More Effectively

Top Capabilities for School Districts

green arrow K 12 absence and substitute management

Simplify Absence and Substitute Management

Streamline Time-Off Requests

Submit time-off requests and let the system do the rest notifying administrators and updating schedules.

Automate Notifications

Reduce the hassle and automate notifications so substitutes are automatically notified and able to accept open assignments.

Accept from Anywhere

Deploy the solution directly to your substitutes’ pockets, empowering them to be notified and accept assignments no matter where they are.

Learn more about Substitute Management in our blogLearn more about Substitute Management in our blog

green arrow K 12 track calendar variance

Track Calendar Variance

Avoid Unwanted Surprises

Track employees’ contracted hours against how many hours they actually work.

Categorize Employees Correctly

Take advantage of leave management that informs and updates employee schedules and hours immediately, saving time and energy.

Weighted and Blended Overtime

Determine how people working more than one role should be compensated to eliminate overpayments.

green arrow K 12 automate your processes

Automate Your Processes

Ditch Manual Processes

TCP technology replaces time-consuming, error-prone manual processes for a more accurate workforce management solution.

Integrate with Payroll

Extend efficiencies further with a robust solution that integrates with popular payroll software, including Infinite Visions, Alio, TxEIS, Munis, Skyward, and more.

green arrow K 12 improve the user experience

Improve the User Experience

Optimize Employee Operations

Configurable solutions streamline employees’ daily operations, such as entering requests, clocking in and more.

Customize Your Hardware

TCP’s time clock attachments enable you to create a hardware solution that best suits you.

Ensure Secure, Accessible Data

With SOC-2 security and WCAG compliance, TCP guarantees that your data is always secure and properly handled.

Tcp title1 grant

Time Tracking for Title 1 & Grant Activities

Use this guide to gain valuable tips for overcoming time-tracking challenges and managing your school employees more efficiently.

Time tracking boosts bottom line

Tech Funding Sources for K-12 Schools

Learn how some government funds and other education grants can be used on a WFM solution that will help keep operations running smoothly at your K-12 school.

TCP Portait Thumbnail K12 WFM Software Buyers Guide

Workforce Management Software Buyer’s Guide for K-12

TCP guides you through key steps to help identify what to consider and who needs to be involved when selecting WFM software for K-12 school districts.


How Does TCP Software for K-12 Help School Districts

green arrow Advanced overtime flexible overtime configuration

Optimize Your Processes

The day-to-day processes of a school district typically require significant manual effort by administrators just to keep up. With TCP Software for K-12, your school district can use automated tools to streamline and simplify these processes such as substitute management. Empower your faculty and staff with a solution that simplifies workflows and enables them to focus on their students.

green arrow Explore Our Advanced Scheduler Features

Drive Faculty and Staff Engagement

At any given school district faculty and staff will interact with their technology solutions several times in a day. This makes the employee experience vital, and TCP Software’s configurable browser, mobile apps and physical time clocks empower a positive, easy-to-use experience. Enhance the day-to-day for faculty and staff to optimize engagement and ultimately empower better student outcomes.

green arrow Time and Attendance Compliance

Facilitate Better FMLA Management

Managing FMLA cases and employee leave is no small task, but with TCP Software for K-12 your school district can streamline and consolidate the process. Manage employee requests, important case documents and track workflows all from a single solution and interface. Take advantage of an integrated solution that streamlines and connects your FMLA, scheduling and time and attendance processes.

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Ensure Solution Compliance

From building accessibility to data security, TCP Software helps you ensure compliance responsibilities are met. Know who is in your buildings and even grant access based on identification for optimized visibility. Rest easy with a solution that guarantees compliance of accessibility standards. Finally, our SOC-2 compliance guarantees security, encryption and proper handling of data.

Case Study: Jasper County Schools

Case Study: Jasper County Board of Education

Read how Jasper County cut payroll cycles from four days to two hours with TCP Software.

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