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Labor Tracking & Costing

Optimized Workforce Management Requires Precise Tracking & Job Costing

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Top Labor Tracking & Job Costing Capabilities

Our flexible solution for creating, assigning and customizing job codes prioritizes precise labor and job tracking so you can optimize your workforce management operations.

Flexible and Configurable Labor Tracking

Flexible Configurability

Experience revolutionized labor tracking with configuration options including:

Master Job Code and Job Costing Lists

Set up organization-wide codes and assign them to your employees or departments.

Department-Specific Adjustments

Adjust master job codes and job costing levels to fit specific departments’ needs.

Employee-Specific Adjustments

Further specify unique configurations with changes to employee job codes and job costing.

Labor Calculations with Shift Differential

Multi-level Job Costing

Set up multi-tiered job costing with options like:

Five Levels of Job Costing

Configure up to 5 different levels of job costing per code.

Easy Adjustments

Adapt the codes with your organization with ease.

Quick Importing

Got a lot of job costing? No problem with quick and easy importing options.

Flexible and Configurable Labor Tracking

Precise Tracking and Management

Precision and accuracy are key, and TCP helps with:

Layered Tracking

With Job Codes and Job Costing, you can track anywhere from 1-7 layers of work.

Job-Specific Reporting

Run reports designed for showing you quick and thorough breakdowns of your employees’ work.


Set up email or TCP notifications for any anomalies in the hours.

Labor Calculations with Shift Differential

High-Powered Labor Calculations

Take the stress out of necessary calculations such as:

Shift Differential

Easily attach premiums and rate changes to shifts worked at specific times.

Floating Pay Periods

Set up individualized pay periods for employees that might have different period schedules.

Paid Breaks

Set up entire or partial breaks to be paid out with the hours worked.

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Efficiency Through Stronger Workforce Management Systems

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