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Manage Employee Leave with Ease and Simplicity

TCP’s TimeClock Plus Leave & Absence Management software will help streamline the administrative processes related to employee time off, regardless of circumstance. Vacation, holiday, sick time, FMLA, etc. can all be tracked and managed with a flexible, efficient and configurable solution that will help your organization more effectively solve your leave management challenges.

More than an independent time off manager or leave tracker, TimeClock Plus Leave and Absence Management works together with Time & Attendance, Scheduling and other features within TCP’s software offerings to deliver a fully integrated workforce management suite.

And for organizations dealing with the tedious task of managing who is able to take time off on specific days, TCP’s new Advanced Leave module can automate your processes with a fair and optimized system. Whether your organization is in the public sector, has a high population of union workers or just needs a system that can handle complex leave situations, you’ll save time, money and headaches by opting for a solution designed to incorporate your organization’s leave policies, no matter how diverse or flexible they may be.

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Learn Why Absence Management is a Workforce Management Key Component

Top Absence & Leave Management Capabilities

NEW! Leave Bidding

TCP's new leave bidding feature allows you to automate processes, including:

Standby Lists

When the open requests for a period are taken, employees can be on a standby list in case a spot becomes available.

Resource Pools

Categorize groups of employees and define available requests per group, allowing you to configure the solution for unique subsets of your workforce.

Formal Bidding

Institute a formalized bidding process for future leave dates that use predetermined request prioritization standards such as rank, seniority or date submitted.

Leave Calendars

Determine a limited amount of leave that is available to your workforce for specific dates.

Blackout Dates

Define a date or date range for your organization where no leave is available to the organization.

Brownout Dates

Determine a limited amount of leave that is available to your workforce for specific dates.

Accrual rules configuration

Dynamic Accrual Configuration

Set up accruals to fit your policies and distribute them with options such as:

Flat Rates

Configure easy and consistent accrued hours based on your organization’s rules.

Rates Based on Hours Worked

Give employees accrued hours at a ratio to their worked time.

Configurable Distribution Periods

Distribute accrued hours on a weekly, monthly, yearly or other period basis.

Request calendar

Integrated Request Platform

Manage requests all from the same software portal with options like:

Inputting Requests

Quickly add requests for employees calling in.

Viewing or Editing Requests

See employee requests and make adjustments as needed.

Approving or Denying Requests

Easily approve or deny time off requests with one click.

Report automation

Automated Processing

Efficiently distribute accrued hours with setup options like:

Processing with Closed Periods

Processing with Closed Periods

Easy Configuration

Set up your distribution periods and let it do the work for you.

Dashboard request widget leave request

Dashboard Request Widgets

Customize your dashboard with widget options such as:

Pending Time Off Requests

View unapproved requests as soon as you log in and approve/deny them with one click.

Quick Hour Management

Easily see and make time off decisions from your dashboard.

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WFM Is More Than Time & Attendance

Our integrated workforce suite, powered by TimeClock Plus software, helps you track, manage and engage your employees.

Mobile WFM Made Simple

TCP MobileClock puts the power in the palm of your employee's hand to approve hours, review schedules and more.

Award-Winning Back-to-Work Solution

NEW Thermal Sensor pairs with badge readers to provide a fully integrated solution to bring your team back to work safely.

Simplify Leave with TimeClock Plus

Streamline Processes & Reduce Costs

Manual solutions for tracking time off such as emails and spreadsheets, are difficult to manage and leave room for mistakes. This can lead to last-minute roster crunches and unnecessary overtime, which ultimately reduces productivity and increases costs. Our TimeClock Plus Leave & Absence Management software automates these processes, adds structure to your workflow, and reduces costly errors.

Improve Employee Morale and Reduce Excessive Absenteeism

Using consistent and reliable means enable employees to plan, request and take the time off that they’ve earned improves morale and reduces excessive absenteeism - a proven productivity killer for many organizations that rely on manual methods to manage time off.

Maintain Compliance with Labor Laws

Some states have different requirements around how a company must manage employee time off, including whether an employer has the right to recover negative accrual balances when an employee separates from the company. Once set up to accommodate these unique situations, TimeClock Plus Leave & Absence Management software helps ensure you’re correctly administering policies that are in line with federal, state and local regulations.

Eliminate Payroll Processing Errors

By integrating the leave management process with other key data elements managed by TimeClock Plus software, including time and attendance information, you’ll know which compensation rules, including overtime, must be applied to pay periods where leave has been taken. This ensures your employees are paid correctly and the organization is protected from costly errors.

Frequently asked questions

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Is TCP's Absence And Leave Management Software Compliant With FMLA And Other State Leave Laws?
Yes, TCP takes great care to ensure that the TimeClock Plus software is compliant with leave and labor regulations. Remaining compliant to leave and labor laws is incredibly important in managing a workforce, and TCP works hard to deliver a solution that helps you remain compliant and confident.
Can I Manage And Approve Leave Requests From My Mobile Phone?
TCP's products are all web-based, meaning they can be accessed remotely. With the TimeClock Plus software, managers are also able to approve or deny requests directly from email notifications whether they are on a phone or computer.
Are Employees Able To Send Leave Requests From Their Mobile Phones?
Absolutely, using TCP MobileClock, the mobile add-on for TimeClock Plus, employees can submit time-off requests with a few touches. They can also see live updates that let them know if requests are still pending, approved or denied.
Can TCP's Absence And Leave Management Software Prevent Employees From Taking Time-Off At The Same Time?
Yes, with TCP's advanced leave features such as Leave Bidding and Leave Calendars, you can establish leave limitations for your employees (or specific groups of employees) that ensure your workforce isn't left shorthanded.
Can I Restrict The Dates That Employees Are Able To Request Off?
Yes, TCP's advanced leave capabilities allow you to create "black-out" dates where employees cannot input leave requests.
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