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green arrow Manufacturing time tracking for all shifts

Track Direct & Indirect Labor

Differentiate between labor types

Configure and track both direct and indirect labor to maintain an accurate view.

Utilize job costing

Monitor labor with up to six tiers using a job costing tool that can track multi-layered work.

green arrow Manufacturing mazimize profitability

Enhance Visibility into Labor Costs

Track with precision

Implement job costing for a precise look into the work your employees are doing.

Control overtime costs

Stay ahead of unnecessary overtime costs using reports and notifications when employees are close to earning overtime.

Boost your operations

Use data from our time clocks to continuously iterate and build a more efficient organization.

green arrow Manufacturing improve workplace safety

Use Actionable Reporting & Analytics

Automate reports

Have reports waiting in your inbox when you come to work each day.

View real-time updates

Guarantee that your data is accurate with reports and widgets that pull the most up-to-date information.

Make informed decisions

Use a selection of reports that pull the most recent data to remain up to date on your workforce’s labor.

green arrow Manufacturing increase team productivity

Improve Workforce Efficiency

Ditch manual processes

Redirect your time and resources by replacing daily manual processes with automated ones.

Integrate your solutions

Streamline the day-to-day operations with a solution that integrates leave management, schedules, hours and more.

Incorporate consistent scheduling

With greater visibility into your workforce, you can develop consistent shift scheduling, offering employees an improved work-life balance.

green arrow Manufacturing customize time collection

Customize Time Collection

Create your own device

Choose from an assortment of time clock attachments to find a solution that best suits your organization.

Incorporate durable biometrics

Eliminate buddy-punching and use a hand scanner in harsh environments where normal biometric devices won’t survive.

Offer mobility

Use a mobile solution for a safe, single-user device option that won’t take up space.

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