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Automate processes & report on in-depth labor tracking

From tracking employee labor in multiple departments or locations to juggling multiple solutions, enterprise organizations have a variety of challenges when it comes to workforce management. Driving better efficiency and effectiveness in your organization is pivotal in moving business forward and managing a large workforce.

TCP Software provides the flexibility and automation your organization needs to streamline workforce management. With TCP’s tools and integrations your organization can track flexible labor, develop better schedules and integrate with your other key solutions such as payroll, ERP or HCM.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Bring Your Tools Together

Integrate TCP with your payroll or ERP systems and maximize your efficiency.

Ensure Accurate Scheduling

Configure schedules that can handle the complexities of your organization and can adapt as needed.

Empower Employee Visibility

Deliver better visibility to employees into their schedules and empower them with the ability to easily request time off, track sick time and more.

Faster Path to ROI

Automate Your Processes

Save time and resources by automating many management processes.

Save On Hosting Costs

Take advantage of a cloud-based, secure workforce management solution.

Streamline The Implementation

Make your solution work for you sooner with tools designed to make the implementation process easy.

Configure Your Solution

Be Adaptable

Take advantage of a solution that can handle the complexities of any organization.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

TCP Support and Implementation Services have a wide range of experience so they can give you expert recommendations.

Deploy Customized Tools

Create a time collection experience that is best suited to your workforce's needs.

Protect Your Business

Manage Expenses

See your schedule at a glance to avoid unnecessary overtime costs and overpaying contractors and consultants.

Ensure Compliance

Avoid fines or other penalties by ensuring compliance with laws such as Affordable Care Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Family and Medical Leave Act.

Control Access

Prevent unauthorized individuals from signing into your time clock system with robust access controls.

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How Does TCP Software Help You?

Optimize Your Technology Stack

Workforce management in any industry entails a variety of solutions, which typically means manual processes needed to shuttle information or workflows back and forth. With TCP Software’s integrations to your payroll, ERP or HCM system, your organization can mitigate and streamline those processes. Create a simpler, more efficient workflow in your organization with effective integrations that maximize your workforce management.

Utilize Flexible Deployment Options

One of the most critical challenges of deploying a workforce management solution is deploying to a diverse workforce. From in-office to on-site to remote employees, deploying a single solution can be difficult. With TCP Software’s flexible options including mobile apps, configurable time clocks and web browser solutions, your organization can customize a deployment method that works for all your employees.

Effective Reporting and Notifications

Reaction time can be everything in managing a workforce, especially when thinking about improving efficiency. With TCP Software’s reports, notifications and exception tracking tools, you can be more proactive with how you manage your workforce. Limit unnecessary overtime or long shifts with notifications sent directly to your phone when employees are reaching certain thresholds. Stay on top of your workforce management with tools designed to keep you up to date on everything you need to know.

Track Flexible Time and Labor

For many organizations, tracking time and labor for employees can be difficult, especially if the employee works multiple roles or in multiple locations. Using TCP Software’s time and labor tracking tools, your organization has the flexibility to track different jobs, locations, departments or pay scales on a single employee. With a few simple configurations, all of this data can be easily and automatically tracked without extra manual effort needed.


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