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Empowering people to work better

As our brand promise, "Empowering people to work better" states, our goal at TCP Software is to persistently train our people and evolve our systems to help our clients operate more efficiently. It’s what we do best so you can concentrate on what you do best. As a leader in employee time tracking, scheduling and integrated workforce management solutions, TCP Software is proud to consistently partner with our clients by providing the tools, technology and support they need to streamline day-to-day processes, optimize operations, and, simply, work better.

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Meet our leadership team


Daryl Rolley

Chief Executive Officer

Daryl Rolley is a 30+ year global executive who has successfully built Cloud/SaaS software businesses in all parts of the world. He is skilled at developing strong-performing leadership teams and customer-first organizations that drive value for businesses and their operations. As part of the executive team at Ariba, he transitioned the legacy on-premise, behind the firewall business to the multi-tenant cloud model, which is still one of the largest transitions of its kind in the industry. Prior to joining TCP, Daryl was the Chief Executive Officer of Medicat Holdings, the leading University Healthcare software provider where he led a team that developed multiple solutions that created significant customer value.

Yogesh Periwal

Yogesh Periwal

Chief Financial Officer

Yogesh brought over 10 years of Financial Planning and Analysis expertise to TCP. Yogesh specializes in managing the financial forecasting, planning, management, and budgets of rapidly growing enterprise organizations. Yogesh oversees all of TCP’s formal Finance, HR, and IT related procedures to provide professional risk management of the company’s liabilities and investments. Yogesh ensures TCP’s legal compliance and adherence to company policies and manages the team of finance and accounting personnel.

Large new office dps 0008 Jane Snyder

Jane Snyder

Chief Marketing Officer

Jane brings more than 20 years of experience scaling private enterprise SaaS businesses in early and growth stages. As Chief Marketing Officer, she leads all aspects of the company’s global marketing organization including brand, corporate communications, solutions marketing, demand generation, and marketing operations. She has a deep passion for customers. Prior to joining TCP, Jane spent 15 years in marketing leadership roles in the education sector. She also has global HR and operations expertise.

Derek McIntyre

Derek McIntyre

Chief Operating Officer

Derek graduated with a bachelors from Texas A&M and MBA from Angelo State University. Prior to TCP, he served in senior technology leadership roles with an emphasis on network architecture and systems integrations within global Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Skilled in business operations, customer success, and legal/compliance, Derek brings extensive practical experience to his 3+ years with TCP. Derek is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and directs the TCP Support and Services groups.

Nagendra Donepudi

Nagendra Donepudi

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Nagendra is responsible for driving the technology vision and direction of our product portfolio. He brings close to 20 years of experience building mission-critical enterprise-class software and cloud solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises. Prior to joining TCP Software, Nagendra held various senior leadership roles at Mitratech where he led the Product Development, Support and Professional Services teams globally. He helped grow that business multifold through various transformation initiatives under multiple Private Equity Investors.

Chris Stites

Chris Stites

Chief Sales Officer

With over 20 years leading teams as Head of Revenue and CEO, Chris has successfully grown customer acquisition and retention in several high growth, emerging SaaS businesses, both publicly traded and Private Equity backed. At TCP, Chris is responsible for increasing our alignment with customers to ensure they are leveraging our best-in-breed, integrated solutions to help improve challenges around retention, flexibility, and compliance in the ever-evolving world of Workforce Management. Chris has been married for 24 years and enjoys live music, outdoor sports, and reading nonfiction in his spare time.

Susan spencer

Susan Spencer

Vice President of Client Success

Susan Spencer joined TCP Software just over a year ago, bringing 25+ years of experience with Domestic and Global high profile businesses, managing as many as 1600 employees performing customer service, technical support, sales, and retention services. As TCP continues to grow and expand our global footprint, Susan will advance and supplement the high performance, world class client success team she has built to maintain the consistency and scalability of our Client Services.

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"TCP is in the midst of a remarkable transformation. I am excited to build on the company’s strong foundation to maximize the value TCP’s technology delivers to customers."


Daryl Rolley

Chief Executive Officer

TCP Software

Our CSR of the month

Rukham Khurram

Meet Rukham Khurram

With just a year under her belt as a TCP Tier 1 Technician, Rukham has wasted no time getting to know our products and systems so she is well equipped to service customers. In fact, she expressed that one of the highlights of her job is learning something new every day, including tech support. She also prides herself on being a good listener, which is partly why Rukham works closely with nonprofit organizations and teaches underprivileged kids in her spare time. Working with people so closely both in and outside work has motivated Rukham to continue her studies to one day become a Civil Rights Lawyer.

Todd Railsback Photo

Meet Todd Railsback

Todd joined the TCP customer support team about 8 months ago, bringing with him a tenacity earned through experience. For 7 years, he worked for a software company, and also did a 3-year tour in Iraq for the U.S. Army, often working in temperatures exceeding 120 degrees. His managers told us that no matter the extent of the challenge he’s addressing with a customer, Todd is cool under pressure and always willing to go above and beyond. Outside of work, Todd and his wife, Sondra, love garage sales, spending time with their 2 Yorkies, and playing Canasta.

Naveed Khan

Meet Naveed Khan

In a quest to be independent and self-sufficient, Naveed started working at an early age, which helped open doors to a variety of jobs. Prior to working at TCP, he was a Quality Manager for Uber, a team lead for Western Union, and he also held roles at other SaaS companies, all of which helped prepare him for his position at TCP. Naveed loves helping people whether it’s customers on the phone, a coworker struggling with an issue, or strangers on the street. When he isn’t assisting customers, Naveed spends his time looking through Facebook feeds, watching videos on YouTube, and hanging out with his family.

Questions about working at TCP?

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