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Drive efficiency with scheduling tools designed for the needs of public safety agencies

For public safety departments, managing rotational shifts and a diverse workforce comes with its own set of unique challenges. From scheduling shifts that ensure the right number of qualified individuals are working, to automating time and labor calculations for your complicated overtime rules, the workforce management solution you choose needs to be flexible, powerful and built for the complexities of your organization.

TCP Software's Aladtec solution provides the much-needed customization that helps you manage your workforce most effectively. Our tools and features empower your organization to build schedules quickly allowing you to schedule and track your employees' hours as well as better navigate the complexities of their shifts. Our solution will also streamline pay periods, enhance visibility into daily operations, and help you deploy your solutions to your teams instantly.

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Top capabilities for public safety organizations

Schedule... better!

Utilize qualifications and certifications

Ensure each shift has the appropriate qualified and certified individuals to do the job.

Deploy schedules effectively

Utilize mobile and web tools to deliver live and updated schedules instantly to your workforce.

Ensure optimal communication

Use shift tags and descriptions to let the workforce know exactly when, where and what they should be doing.

Optimize Your Forms

Create custom forms

Configure your own forms for employees to use with their mobile devices on-the-go.

Utilize templated forms

Take advantage of our experience and expertise and use the templated forms we supply as a starting point.

Mobilize your workforce

With access to all your forms on their mobile devices, employees can quickly fill out and submit forms without the clutter of paperwork.

Automate time and labor management

Mitigate manual calculations

Simplify the payroll process with automated overtime and labor calculations that can even handle the complexities of public safety.

Are Complex Calculations Wreaking Havoc On Your Payroll?

Streamline time collection

Use web browsers, mobile devices, physical clocks or a combination of them all depending on what suits your organization best.

Customize your home page

Configure your own home page to have the vital information available the moment you log in for the day.

Simplify pay periods

Automate payroll processes

Remove the manual effort of collecting time sheet approvals and performing complex calculations with automated tools designed to simplify the process.

Integrate with key systems

Connect your schedules, time and attendance, payroll and more with integrations to make all your solutions work together.

Streamline reporting

Create and configure reports and even have them ready in your inbox whenever you need them.

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How can TCP's Aladtec solution help your agency?

Reduce time and energy spent scheduling

The total amount of time spent building and deploying schedules in public safety can be staggering. With TCP Software’s tools that are designed specifically for your industry, you can minimize and even eliminate those time-consuming processes. Create schedules more easily and efficiently all the while ensuring your shifts are properly and adequately staffed.

Streamline day-to-day employee management

Collecting time, managing leave, updating schedules and more are all daily aspects of workforce management for public safety organizations. Using TCP Software’s workforce management tools your organization can simplify and automate many of these daily processes. Let the solution handle prioritization of leave requests, pushing schedule updates to the workforce and more so you can focus on tasks that need your personal attention.

Deploy a flexible solution

The unique intricacies of managing a public safety workforce requires a flexible solution to handle its needs. With TCP Software’s deployment options your organization can deliver mobile apps to the workforce on the go, customize a physical time clock for specific sites and utilize a web browser solution for in-office employees to create the optimal employee interface.

Modernize your operations

In today’s work environment, modernization of tools and methods is essential to keep up with the growing demands of public safety. Using TCP Software’s automated and mobile tools, preconfigured and customizable features, and integrations with other key solutions, your organization can mitigate outdated and manual processes all while increasing the effectiveness of your day-to-day operations.

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