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Your organization’s growth begins with data-backed decisions

Accessing and analyzing data is an essential challenge for organizations of any size and in any industry. No matter your organization’s size, your workforce management decisions play a significant role in reducing costs, driving better efficiency and understanding your workforce’s data.

With our new TCP Analytics tool, your organization can take advantage of fully customizable reports that provide a gold mine of data at your fingertips to empower growth and enable informed decisions.

Reporting analytics Expediting an Enterprise Level Workday Integration In Just 90 Days

Guide to TimeClock Plus reporting

Top reporting & analytics capabilities

Empower data-driven decisions

Explore your data’s reach

Take advantage of near limitless access to your workforce management data and make it work for you.

Hone decisions with workforce analytics

Make quicker, more effective business decisions with workforce analytics.

Understand your workforce data

Create a set of reports or leverage an analytics dashboard to provide comprehensive, digestible breakdowns of your data.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Optimize your reporting

Use fully customizable reporting to create detailed reports just for you and eliminate the need to run multiple, unnecessary reports.

Automate and reduce manual effort

Create automated reports to ensure you have the data you need, when you need it.

Streamline the payroll process

Leverage exception data and payroll calculations to develop consistent, accurate overviews of the pay period.

Meet nuanced needs with customization

Build reports specific to you

Solve your unique needs with reports that are unique to you and your organization.

Create streamlined dashboards

Customize analytics dashboards that give you effective data in an efficient format.

Mitigate manual workarounds

Reduce the manual hassle surrounding creating and maintaining reports with customization and automation.

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What can the new TCP Analytics do for you?

Reduce costs for your organization

Eliminating unnecessary costs and inefficient processes in your organization begins with workforce data and the insights it provides into how your organization operates. With TCP Analytics at your side, you can identify opportunities for productivity within your organization and drive better overall efficiency.

Streamline workflows for departments

Manual processes are prevalent in every department, from payroll to HR to hourly employees. Wherever there are manual processes, there are wasted resources including time and manpower. Using TCP Analytics, you have the tools to streamline many of these processes.

Automate your reporting

Having access to your workforce data is only half the battle, with manually building and running reports being the other half. Our automated reporting features allow you to build a report once and have it set to automatically deliver to your inbox, simplifying your reporting process and ensuring you never miss a report.

Eliminate outdated metrics

No matter your industry, outdated baselines, analytics and metrics can be what is holding your organization back. Without the most updated, powerful reporting and analytics tools at your disposal, your organization could be missing opportunities for growth. With our TCP Analytics tool, your organization can be certain that you are working with the most up-to-date data that drives your organization forward.

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