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Drive better management decisions with key insights and effective reporting

Reporting is a critical function for effective workforce management in any organization. It informs and drives business decisions, enables better management of time and labor, empowers payroll processes and more. Having flexible, reliable reporting and analytical tools equips your organization to manage employees and work better.

With TCP Software’s newly enhanced Reporting & Analytics tools your organization can quickly run comprehensive and easy-to-read reports in just a few clicks. Customize reports to view the data you want to see at any given time, and even automate reports entirely so they appear in your inbox ready for you to use whenever you need them.

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Guide to TimeClock Plus Reporting

Top Reporting & Analytics capabilities

Use pre-configured reports

Run payroll-based reports

Get an optimized view of hours that includes overtime and employee breakdowns and analyses.

Optimize job code reports

Find job-specific information to see where and how employee time is spent.

Utilize schedule reports

Run reports to view detailed schedule coverage and more.

Manage hourly details reports

Run reports on hours exceptions, punch locations or other hours-worked details.

Customize your own reports

Set specific filters

Create and save filters to see only the data you need.

Configure sort options

Sort your reports by employee, department and more to optimize how you view your data.

Customize display settings

Customize display options including columns, fields and more to view the report exactly how you want to see it.

Automate your reporting

Gather employee payroll approvals

Send employees their pay period reports for approval without any manual effort

Update department managers

Automate reports to give your department managers updates on their workers.

Configure your own automations

Have weekly or daily reports waiting in your inbox when you come to work.

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What can Reporting & Analytics solutions do for you?

Empower more informed decisions

TCP Software’s Reporting & Analytics tools are designed to help your organization utilize its data to drive better business and management decisions. Without access to the right data or reports that are easy to read, your organization’s workforce management data is a wasted resource. By running comprehensive, configurable reports, your organization has the tools at hand to make better decisions that drive the organization forward.

Automate your standard reporting

Many organizations and managers have standard reports they need to run on a regular basis, whether that is daily, weekly, quarterly or some other cadence. TCP Software’s automated reporting tools allow you to configure that cadence, customize your report and sit back as the solution automates and delivers the reports you need directly to your inbox. With automations of this caliber, your organization can repurpose the time typically spent manually configuring or running these reports.

Streamline workflows

Many organizations have workflows and processes that rely on reporting, including payroll, overtime approvals and more. TCP’s Reporting & Analytics tools allow your organization to simplify these processes by enabling you to configure and automate a report to mitigate some of the manual steps. For example, your payroll department can have each employee’s time card automatically emailed to the individual employees for physical approval if your organization requires it, saving the payroll department time and energy typically spent gathering these approvals manually.

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