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Top Reporting & Analytics Capabilities

Reporting and Analytics are crucial to understanding and managing your workforce. TCP’s reporting tools and features enable you to gather a quick and detailed analysis of data.

Pre-Configured Reports List

Configured and Categorized Reports

Save time and energy with a selection of preconfigured reports including:

Payroll Reports

Get an optimized view of hours that includes breakdowns and analysis.

Job Code Reports

Find job-specific information to see where employee time is spent worked.

Schedule Reports

Run reports to view detailed schedule coverage and more.

Hours Reports

Run reports on hours exceptions, punch locations or other hours-worked details.

Saved reports config bill rate

Customize Your Own Reports

Our reports have specialized options like:


Create and save filters to see the data you want to see.

Sort Options

Sort your reports to optimize how you view them.

Display Settings

Customize display options to see the report exactly how you want to see it.

Filter sort options report expanded

Extensive Filter Options

Enhance your reports with a wide selection of filters such as:


Select specific employees to see on your reports.

Job Codes

Filter out the job codes you don’t need to see and optimize your reporting.


Set department-specific filters for efficient management.

Report Automation

Automate Emailed Reports

Set reports to be emailed automatically:

Employee Payroll Approvals

Send employees their pay period reports for approval without any effort.

Departmental Managers

Give department managers automated updates on their workers.

Weekly or Daily Updates

Have weekly or daily updates waiting in your inbox when you come to work.

View Sample Reports

Out with the Old, In with the New

Case Study for Automated Timekeeping at Stephen F. Austin State University.

FFCRA Relief Tracking

Configure FFCRA relief tracking in TimeClock Plus v7 Software.

Maximize Your Workforce

How automated scheduling is changing the way organizations manage their most valuable asset - time.

Job Costing

The Job Costing Module can export data to over 300 accounting systems.


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